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Gate Geek – Let there be Light

Stargate Universe is back tonight with the episode “Light.”  (As opposed to last week’s episode, “Darkness.”  Seeing a pattern?) 

Ratings were down 14%, but it was considered to be okay as it was in competition with baseball and a new horror film.  We’ll see if they’ll still be happy if the ratings are that way this week; although I think there’s more baseball.  Still, November will be critical as Dollhouse will be off the air.  I think they’ll be expected to gather some eyes from that audience.

At any rate, one of the more interesting parts of SGU are the Kino diaries.  The Official Site is now starting to post them.

In other Stargate news, Atlantis won two Gemini Awards.  One for makeup in the episode “Vegas,” and the other for writing in “The Shrine.”  (One of my favorite episodes ever.)  SG1 alum Amanda Tapping’s series Sanctuary won for VFX.

And finally, as reported on our Twitter feed, Jason Momoa will be in HBO’s Game of Thrones series.  (Women everywhere rejoice.  Nude scene!)

Gate Geek – Someone gets SGU!

Well, judging by the ratings, Stargate Universe is off to a fine start.  However, there are some folks still not decided on whether or not they want to start watching a Stargate show.

Alasdair Stuart does one of the most interesting character analyses I’ve seen yet on the show.  I suspect this might convince some of you to start watching.

Gate Geek – SGU increases viewership

Stargate Universe actually increased its viewership for Air, Part 3 this week.  (Sorry, Dollhouse.)  And they scored the biggest gains among the coveted target markets between 18 and 45.  Apparently a ratings increase is quite rare.   Hopefully it can be sustained.

It may have been helped along by the return of Sanctuary.  SG1 alum Amanda Tapping’s show also saw a huge increase in ratings.

Ugh.  Let’s hope SyFy doesn’t think this is because of their name change.

Gate Geek: Doctor Jackson, I presume

The part of SGU that people universally wanted more of has arrived.  The official site has Dr. Jackson‘s Stargate Tutorial on their site.

Okay, not the many hours of Stargate theory promised, but still funny.

And speaking of Stargate alum, Amanda Tapping has now been sufficiently harassed by her Stargate and Sanctuary families to get on Twitter.

Also, in anticipation of Friday’s episode, GateWorld talks to David Blue (Eli).

Gate Geek: SGU Starts Strong

Stargate Universe had a lot of folks intrigued, apparently.  They beat Dollhouse (poor Dollhouse) with 2.3 million viewers in the US.  In Canada, they set a record for the highest episode ever on Space.  And its UK premiere last night was the highest rated show in its timeslot for the night.

Now they just have to keep this going.  (I was pleased, but reactions around the web do include a fair percentage of folks who weren’t.)

Yesterday was SyFy Press Day in Vancouver.  Expect all sorts of articles to be cropping up in the next few days and weeks about Stargate and the other SyFy shows (Sanctuary, Caprica).

In the news: Yoda hates the A’s, Hollywood and the 12-year-olds, movie music, Ming-Na, and George

I guess that explains the billboard. The Dodgers having a Star Wars night on October 3rd, while they play the Rockies. Doesn’t the Bay Area have a baseball team? Security better keep a close eye on Yoda that night, is all I’m saying.

…And the smell. Hollywood is courting 12-year old boys. Uhh, they stopped?

Fanboys turn the tide yet again. Star Wars has the best movie music, internet poll says. Well, I’m shocked. Are you shocked?

I should leave this for Paula, but… Stargate Universe’s Ming-Na “wanted to be Luke Skywalker.”

Obligatory George item. He could buy Guyana. Information you can use. Thanks, Forbes!

Gate Geek – Hee hee! It’s SGU Premiere Week!!

It’s finally here!  Stargate Universe finally premieres this Friday in the US and Canada.  The UK gets it October 6th.  (Cruel.)  Given the loads of good reviews it’s getting, I suspect that even those Stargate fans who are still annoyed about how it all went down will want to check it out. 

Here’s a particularly enlightening, yet non-spoilery review from ChicagoNow.  (Do you know how hard it is to find a non-spoilery one?)  He’s so excited about it, he’s dedicating his whole week to it!

The cast and crew got to watch it on the big screen on Saturday.  They’re pretty psyched about it, too.

So is SyFy who is actually promoting it with videos.  And it looks like they’re spelling the character names correctly, as well.  Could this be a new era for SyFy and Stargate?

Can we get any more excited?!

Gate Geek – SGU Ready to Launch

There is such an avalanche of Stargate Universe coverage starting that there’s no way to cover it all.  Besides, most of them are spoilery and I’m living partway in the Spoiler Cave, right now.

A nice, spoiler-free review was given by Wired magazine.  Yet another who thinks it’s a strong and interesting show; even for those who have never watched Stargate.

Tons of new content on SyFy and the official site, if you want to be teased further.  SGU starts October 2nd with a 3-parter.

GateGeek: Stargate Universe trailer hits theaters and the hype grows

Okay.  If you saw the trailer online before, nothing much has really changed.  But MGM is putting this trailer into theaters, which means they’re really trying to get the hype rolling for the impending October 2nd air date:

Speaking of air, would you like to see some slightly spoilery photos from the premiere episode?

Still not enough?  Well, writer-producer Joe Mallozzi has all sorts of fun, nifty, behind-the-scenes stuff planned for his blog; including a Q&A with resident geek David Blue. (Get in your questions now.)

And then there’s the press blitz which has kicked off with some exclusive SyFy interviews with David Blue and Lou Diamond PhillipsMing Na (who is also a major geek; especially for Star Wars) has also indicated that she’s been doing a lot of press.

Yes, for all of you loudly complaining about how you plan on boycotting SGU, you’re just going to have to avoid the media for a while.  I’m pretty psyched, though, if I can just stay away from spoilers!