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Invincible summary from the SFBC

TEASER: InvincibleA summary has reportedly appeared on the Science Fiction Book Club website and is available only to members, but someone at the Wookieepedia cut and pasted it.

VERIFIED: Paula logged into the SFBC and this is indeed the one they have posted.

The club writes their own summaries (check out the different Betrayal blurbs at SFBC and Random House) so it’s not too surprising that this is different from the last. (Which still hasn’t been confirmed – they’re keeping a tight lid on this one.)

It’s a long one, so spoilers are under the cut. Click and highlight at your own risk. Continue reading

Possible Invinsible blurb spotted

TEASER: InvincibleIt’s getting to be that time again, when retail sites are dropping copy into upcoming novels… Highlight the text below to read Booksamillion’s blurb for Troy Denning’s Invincible, the ninth and final Legacy of the Force novel.

WARNING: Possible spoilers for Revelation, which comes out at the end of the month.

Convinced that Darth Caedus, the Sith Lord who began life as Jacen Solo, must be destroyed, Luke Skywalker worries his vision is tainted by his own desire for revenge. It now falls to Jaina Solo to fulfill her destiny and confront the horrific tyrant who was once her twin brother, in the stunning conclusion to the Legacy of the Force series.

Invincible is due out May 13th. (via)

Could it be… spoilers?

With just over week to go it’s no surprise that Sacrifice spoilers are leaking. Do you dare read them? Obligatory disclaimer: Unofficial source, could be foilers, believe nothing until you read it yourself, link may be a limited time engagement, blah blah. The book comes out May 29th.

The spoiler-free best stay away from EU forums until you read it. And also stay away from the comments of this post.

It’s spoiler season for Tempest

Troy Denning’s book may not come out until next Tuesday, but spoilers are dribbling in from all the usual sources. I’ll let the spoiler hounds find them for themselves, but spoiler cave dwellers may consider this a good time to avoid EU fan boards.

In other news, Legacy #6, originally scheduled to drop this Wednesday, has been pushed back to November 29th. Shocking.

When fanboys attack (each other)

I waffled back and forth on this one – while certainly relevant to fandom, these interviews with Star Wars spoilerfolks get pretty obscure if you weren’t a part of the spoiler scene. (Let’s put it this way: Once the discussion gets past TFN, Jedinet, Starwarz, etc, even I fail to recognize half of the sites being discussed. And I was by no means spoiler-free.)

Joshua Griffin, surprisingly, makes the best impression; T’bone, for all he denies it, comes off like someone hauling around a very bad case of sour grapes; Fatboy Roberts has the most interesting historical perspective; there’s one more yet to go, but although I remember Episode X I have no clue who this Tai person is, so I’ll just let it go.

But whatever your position, the interviews form an intriguing look at one of fandom’s more cutthroat periods.

Spoil Show

I’ve been going back and forth on posting this link for the last day or so. It’s all over the blogosphere, and with the glut of photos lately I’m not sure if all of these are exactly kosher. But it’s a fabulous Cliff-Notes version of pretty much every spoiler I’ve seen, so link it I shall: Everything you want to know about Revenge of the Sith but were too lazy to ask. Bear in mind this is mostly guesswork: I spotted a few places where I think they may be off. But it’s mostly eye-rolling Anakin/Padme stuff, so take it as you will.