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Last word on the Rose Bowl Parade

…Well, until tomorrow. The Rose Parade starts at 8 a.m. PST/11 a.m. EST, and will be broadcast nationally on ABC, NBC, HGTV, the Travel Channel (?) and Discovery HD. (HDTV, at least, starts their coverage an hour early, and may offer some peeks at the Spectacular.) A TFN reader has guesstimated that the Star Wars contingent will appear 50 minutes to an hour into the broadcast. George, as Grand Marshall, will be about 20 floats after that.

Bonnie will be liveblogging from the site at her starwars.com blog. She also has pictures from rehearsals, and hear about dress rehearsal from Kelsey McCalla.

Runup to the Rose Bowl

Is Pasadena ready for Darth Vader? Even E! has got in on the hype.

There are also plenty of costumed fans in the press this week: