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Interview roundup: Bocquet, Miller, and Seeley

Lightsabre talks to production designer Gavin Bocquet, who worked on Return of the Jedi, Young Indy, the prequel trilogy and Stardust. Meanwhile, over at EUC, they have author Karen Miller and are taking questions for cover artist Dave Seeley.

The fandom minute: A tee, some bad dialogue, a couple political analogies and the totally random

Star Wars (and everyone else) makes it on Empire’s 500 greatest movies

Lists are all well and good, but Empire’s list of the 500 greatest movies of all time is ridiculous. Luckily for you, I skimmed it so you can have that half-hour of your life to do with as you will.

Episode V is #3The original trilogy makes a nice showing, with Empire Strikes Back at #3, A New Hope at #22 and Return of the Jedi at #91. (Plus, Raiders of the Lost Ark is #2.) The prequel trilogy clocks in with The Phantom Menace at #449 and Revenge of the Sith at #330.

As for other movies of interest: Serenity (#383,) Clerks (#361,) Shaun of the Dead (#231,) The Princess Bride (#122,) Batman Begins (#81,) Evil Dead (#49,) The Matrix (#39,) Terminator 2 (#35,) Aliens (#30,) Blade Runner (#20,) 2001 (#16,) and The Dark Knight (#15.) I think all of LOTR was in the top 100 too, but I lost track because 500 MOVIES IS RIDICULOUS.

The fandom minute: Fan art, technology, events

Out this week: Coruscant Knights, Legacy, Rebellion/Vector, Knights of the Old Republic

Coruscant Nights: Street of ShadowsWow, is it time for Coruscant Nights: Street of Shadows already? The new Michael Reaves book should be in stores today. Also keep an eye out for The Dark Lord Trilogy trilogy, a trade omnibus that collects Labyrinth of Evil by James Luceno, Revenge of the Sith by Matthew Stover, and Luceno’s Dark Lord.

Don’t worry, comic fans: There’s plenty for you on Wednesday. The much-anticipated Darth Wyyrlok-focused Legacy #27, Rebellion #16 aka Vector part 8, and the fourth Knights of the Old Republic trade, Daze of Hate, Knights of Suffering. Punny!

The Dark Knight breaks ROTS’ midnight record

The Dark Knight took in $18.5 million from its midnight release earlier this morning, breaking the $16.9 million record Revenge of the Sith set back in 2005. TDK’s 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. showings were not counted, but it’s sure to make a mint this weekend. Spider-Man 3 better watch his back…

UPDATE: Indeed, it took in $66.4 million Friday, breaking Spider-Man 3′s opening day record of $59.8.

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