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The fandom minute: L/M on Etsy, Star Wars car culture, 70’s school stuff, Palpy’s plummet, and cake!

Luke/Mara wedding cake topper by Hildoom @ EtsyThere really is something for everyone on Etsy. I’m prepping a few posts for next week, and I ran across a Luke and Mara Wedding cake topper. (What a post-ROTJ EU pairing has to do with The Clone Wars I have no idea.) The seller, Hildoom, also has a Yoda Birthday Cake topper for sale.

Cars. Jalopnik is on something of a streak, exploring the hot rod culture of Star Wars and likening the ABT Audi R8 V10 to something that “Anakin’s coke dealer” would drive.

Back to school. StarWars.com takes a look back at the 70’s with retro class cear from Helix.

Lists. Palpatine makes #1 on Sci-Fi Squad’s top ten sci-fi deaths.

Cakes. A neat Millenium Falcon by Da Bombe Desserts.

If only… io9 suggests swapping the writing staffs of The Clone Wars and the The Venture Brothers, which may be the only way to get me to cheerfully watch the former.

The fandom minute: Dixie Cups, Jackson’s collection, fan art, Conan O’Brien, Yoda’s self-help debut

Collecting. Star Wars Dixie Cups of yore. Or, get a virtual tour of Michael Jackson’s game room/collection gallery, which includes some great Star Wars stuff.

Fan Art. Tom Whalen’s stylized Return of the Jedi poster.

TV. Conan O’Brien jokes about the Vader toaster. I’m just relieved that someone else is underwhelmed by it.

Jedi, heal thyself. Only What You Take With You: Paths to confronting your fears, battling your demons and fufilling your potential.

Etsy scavenger: I find your Star Wars bathroom set… Kind of awesome, actually

Of all the things I’ve come to expect on Etsy, a complete bathroom theme set has to be the most surprising… Yet completely natural. The only thing I should really be shocked at is that they haven’t apparently made a liscensed one yet. (Or have they?)

We’ve seen bedroom gear and dishware (The Phantom Menace ones were better) but bathroom products? Suddenly I’m seeing a new use for my Darth Vader pimp cup. [Vintage Star Wars Bath Sets by Greatful Thread, $165.]

(Check back later today for more Etsy gems!)

Mad predicted prequel tidbits… in 1982?!?

Flickr user DrHaggis has unearthed a Mad article from 1982 that makes predictions for the saga. There are several coincidences with the actual prequels – Episode II as Send in the Clones, a Skywalker being fathered by the force, Yoda defending Kashyyyk, Darth Vader as the father of Threepio, and Artoo knowing the full story of how the Jedi were disbanded (and “holding the entire history of the Galaxy in his memory banks,” which I believe is pretty damn close to the Georgefax.)

And yet, not a single attempt at Return of the Jedi