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Get a first look inside the new Legacy at CBR

The new LegacyIt feels safe to assume that folks are still chomping at the bit for the return of Legacy, so you’ll be glad to know that Comic Book Resources has a few preview pages from Prisoner of the Floating World #1. You might even spy a few familiar faces…

The first issue of the series, with new creative team Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman, is expected to be in stores on March 20.

Savage Oppress arc begins on The Clone Wars

Tonight’s ‘Nightsisters’ is the first of the Katie Lucas-penned Savage Oppress trilogy. (The character is voiced by Clancy Brown, who was interviewed by TV Guide.)

Check out another clip from the episode – and comments from Dave Filoni – at Big Shiny Robot.

And don’t forget that the show has a new time slot: 8:30pm.

UPDATE: An interview with Katie on CNN.

Savage Oppress makes big-screen debut In L.A., Chicago

The Savage Oppress episodes of Clone Wars have started screening this week (Dallas, Boston, and D.C. tonight) and the reports have been rolling in.

If you haven’t been on Twitter the past few nights, you can check out Bonnie’s photos of the Los Angeles screening on Flickr. And now, onward:

  • IGN’s Eric Goldman says that for action-oriented fans, “these are the episodes you’ve been looking for,” and that the storyline is “exactly the kick in the pants this season has needed.”
  • Newsarama’s Lucas Siegel says that Savage “injects not just some straight action but also some of the … intrigue into the mix. ”
  • Amy of Geek with Curves says that “series is truly meant for the big screen; it was stunning.”
  • NJOE’s Darth Potentia gives a fairly detailed run-through, saying “Katie Lucas… crafted a tight story, which showed action, emotion, and humor.”
  • RedEye’s Elliott Serrano attended the Chicago screening (with Katie the Star Wars Girl!) and while he wasn’t a fan of the series originally, he’s now a convert, saying “the story line was fast-paced with lots of action and humor to break up the exposition, just like classic Star Wars.” (And he’s giving away Savage Opress t-shirts.)

There are spoilers out there if you know where to look – or if you’re an Insider subscriber – but for the most part these reviews are keeping the big secret… So far.

George Lucas makes his The Clone Wars debut

Chairman Papanoida – the character George Lucas ‘played’ in Revenge of the Sith – comes to Clone Wars in tonight’s ‘Sphere of Influence.’ George won’t be voicing him, though: Corey Burton (Count Dooku, Cad Bane) will be, with a voice based on Orson Welles in The Third Man.

In the meantime, be sure to check out the third chapter of The Valsedian Operation webcomic.