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Potter Morning Newsblast: The End

Perhaps we slightly overestimated the whole Potterdämmerung thing. Live and learn! In any case, this is the last time I’m googling it.

All is well

Potterdämmerung Midnight Bulletin

J.K. Rowling is ‘staggered’ by pre-release reviews, but they won’t stop fans from buying.

So far tonight…

Potterdämmerung Morning Bulletin

So we learned yesterday a possible source for those leaked Hallowsa distributor shipped books early. (Although it should be noted that the first of the ‘carpet book’ pictures – the full leak – showed up over the weekend.) Unsurprisingly, Scholastic says they’ll be taking legal action. Meanwhile, leak coverage continues.

And also…


And here’s one for Yav: Hogwarts Professor, Thoughts for the Serious Reader of Harry Potter.

Media notices that cat is out of bag

The news that somebody uploaded photos of (probably) every page of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” several days before its official release date did not stay as buried as Scholastic and Bloomsbury might have liked: It was on the front page of the New York Times site, for one thing, and the AP picked it up as well. Spoilerphobes had better head to the back of the cave. Where is Sir Dan with his blindfolds when you need him?

Potterdämmerung Morning Bulletin

Why is Harry so big? Been asking this for years, but I’m not sure Gannett here has all the answers… Online fandom, certainly, has a lot to do with reader base and the growth of the internet, but is Jo Rowling really the best author of the age?

The series is also adding to the chaos of the Middle East. Harry.

Harry Potter Week: Morning newsblast

Jim Dale, who reads the Harry audiobooks, knows how it all ends, and he can’t even tell his grandkids. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the NYT, a look at the directors of the HP films. Or simply keep up with their Harry Potter index. (Thanks, Liz!)

Meanwhile, no one has any business being surprised that Order of the Phoenix is tops at the box office, making about twice as the nearest competition, Transformers.


Harry Potter and the Fear of Spoilers

Wal-Mart recently announced its Harry Potter spoiler policy with a rather amusingly-written poem:

Wal-Mart’s Pledge to Harry Potter Fans

There’s plenty of excitement brewing,
As the final chapter draws near;
But hearing the story’s end from others,
Is what magicals and muggles all fear;
So at Wal-Mart worldwide we’ve decided,
To make a pledge to our customers that’s clear,
We’ll keep silent on what we discover July 21,
So you buy without fear of reveal here.

JK Rowling they aren’t, but it’s a great sentiment. Some stores are even handing out earplugs for the even more nervous.

Club Jade will also make all attempts to keep the spoilage off of our pages (if any of us can even stand to look for fear of getting spoiled ourselves) with plenty of warnings and links.