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Annie? My goodness you’ve grown.

Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen in Episode II: Attack of the Clones have been voted as having the least convincing chemistry of on-screen couples by film fans.

No way! With dialog like, “I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and irritating and it gets everywhere. Everything here is soft and smooth,” who could believe that? I bet ladies everywhere are waiting for guys to use that line on them.

Filk Friday

This week’s featured filk takes a prime song for Amidala filking and turns it into a rockin’ tribute to Padme’s addition to the Star Wars pantheon of strong female characters. Set to the ever popular ABBA tune, Naboo Queen is one of a trilogy of ABBA filks by HollywdLiz, joined by “Kenobi” and my personal favorite, “On Naboo”.

You can find these filks and more from HollywdLiz here.

From the Blogside

There’s a Star Wars Friending Frenzy going on at Livejournal. Go, meet, friend!

Master Ki-Aaron-Mundi takes a look at the A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back novelizations with modern SW continuty in mind.

The Dark Moose dispenses wisdom on fandom and the sterotypes within it.

It’s a Padmé-go-round: Imadra-blue posts some thoughts on Padmé in ROTS; Lazypadawan has her own take on the character, as does Kenobi-fan. Phew.

Fernwithy ponders George’s comments on the end of the blockbuster.

Rynne has some thoughts on the Expanded Universe.

The Infinite Force considers Wikis. I’m not sure I agree, but then I’m secretly an idealist. (Don’t tell!)

From the Blogside

Six Deadly Justifications of the “Star Wars” Movie-Verse from Citizenjess and Patientalien. My god, have they been suffering through reading blogs.starwars.com too???

NerfHerdersAnonymous on a key Star Wars/Mozart connection. Friday was the composer’s 250th birthday.

Lavagrrrl on participating in the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s Music Of The Star Wars Saga.

Imadra_blue’s thoughts on Alternate Universe and Alternate Reality fics in Star Wars and Harry Potter fics.

Oninobara on Padme and her relegation to the ghetto of the “Loving Girlfriend.”

Jediwonderboy rants on how Han Solo has been written in the EU. Courtship of Princess Leia: Bring SW fans together in WTF moments since 1994.

Anton of Link Right 2 on the Ben Franklin commemorative coin’s freak resemblance to Palpatine. Spooky.

Slithytove on the difference between science fiction and fantasy.

As usual, big thanks to Jedi News. Find a post that you thinks deserves a place in the next edition of From the Blogside? Email Dunc at simpletricks@gmail.com with the URL.

From the blogside

Imadra_blue rants on fandom perceptions of Anakin and Mace.

Lazypadawan isn’t fond of the theory that the Sith created Anakin.

Jaded_skys defends Padme, and Cadesama posted notes on the Padme/Anakin pairing.

An essay by Abel G. Peña is being published as part of an e-book.

Also on blogs.starwars.com, Paul ponders who else was being held on the Death Star’s detention level, Pablo calls out Fox News for not doing their homework and Bonnie finds Indiana Jones mash-ups.

I am indebted to the fine folks at Jedi News from linking to some of the Livejournal posts.

From the Blogside

Inner Bitch watches the entire saga (in release order) and is more than a little surprised.

Halagard takes a look at what the Expanded Universe might look like if it started after the release of the prequels.

Meanwhile, Jeff Dillon of The Disembodied Brain picks up The Joiner King and The Unseen Queen. He’s not impressed.

Shoiryu slashes out for a bit, but calms down for a nice discussion of the Master and Padawan attachment.

A short thread on Padme as Anakin’s anima breeds an entire community devoted to the subject. Neat!

In the realm of blogs.starwars.com, there’s a new multiblog for Official Star Wars artists.

Oh joy, another Padme figure.

Remember the Sideshow Collectibles’s Choice poll for an EU figure? Guess who won?

Arctic Suit Padme from the Clone Wars cartoons. As for the actual EU characters, Mara Jade came in at #2 (losing by just 54 votes,) followed by Kir Kanos, Quinlan Vos, Asajj Ventress, and Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Oh Star Wars fandom, will you ever stop making me go WTF?

ETA: In this interview with RebelScum, Sideshow’s Licensing Coordinator Brock Otterbacher says:

“The way that Expanded Universe Poll stands, the winner is going to get made, that’s not say that we might not take another figure from that didn’t win and make that later on. It won’t be like ‘second place’ or ‘third place’, it would just be a figure that we all like as a group internally here further on down the line. If it proves successful, yeah we’d consider expanding it into its own line or maybe just peppering it into the whole line here and there.”

So there’s still hope for an actual EU character figure. I expect this leans on how many collectors are also EU fans, and how many EU fans are willing to spend $50 on a ‘collector’s item.’

You’ve seen what we’ve done to Obi-Wan, right?

Sideshow Collectibles is having a poll for fans to choose what EU character will be made into a 12-inch figure.

The choices are rather limited. I can see Mara Jade, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Asajj Ventress, and Quinlan Vos… But Kir Kanos and arctic suit Padmé from the Clone Wars cartoon? Kir Kanos? And don’t they have already enough costume changes in the movies for 50 Padmé dolls?

Oh well. Voting is open until November 4th.