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Spotted: Cover for The Complete Vader

Random House has revealed the cover for Windham and Vilmur’s The Complete Vader, a nonfiction look at the Dark Lord in, out and around the films. Further details – like the blurb we got in February – can be found at Becker & Mayer.

ROTS-era Vader stock art isn’t going to blow anyone away, but the cover looks slick enough, so check it out beneath the cut. Continue reading

Details on Becker & Mayer’s Vader book

Eddie of StarWarsTimeline.com potted the title (Darth Vader: The Dark Lord and His Universe) and blurb for the upcoming guide on beckermayer.com:

Fully licensed with Lucasfilm, VADER will be the definitive book on the history, myth, and cultural impact of Darth Vader. From his early development by George Lucas in the original classic films, to the new legends created in comics and novels, to his appearances on everything from commercials to bedspreads, VADER will present a complete view of the character. This book will contain unique pieces both printed flat and removable, including never-before-seen concept sketches, rare promotional materials, early comic books, video games, action figures, merchandise, movie posters, and more.

We also learn that Pete Vilmur and Ryder Windham are authoring it. Becker & Mayer were responsible for 2007’s The Star Wars Vault, so this is sure to be good.

The ghosts of Star Wars Christmas past

StarWars.com takes another trip into the Lucasfilm Archives to check out what fans would be getting (or least, asking for) way back in 1978.

And while collectors today may have a hard time getting their hands on those late-70’s gems, they can at least console themselves with Gus and Duncan’s Comprehensive Guide to Star Wars Collectibles, which can be pre-ordered from Paizo now.

Review: Carrie Fisher’s Wishful Drinking

Okay.  So a certain online bookseller apparently has the street date for Carrie Fisher‘s Wishful Drinking a wee bit early.  But I don’t care, as it has allowed me to get it and read it.

If you like snark, then this book is for you!

The interesting part about this book, compared to her other books, is that it is very blatantly autobiographical, as opposed to the psuedo-biographical nature of her fiction work.  And she just gets right down to it:  her family dysfunction, her brain’s dysfunction, the more interesting events in her life.

A bit disappointing to this Star Wars geek is the general lack of actual Star Wars stories.  She mentions getting the role and the oddness of being a collectible, but basically stays away from stories about the production or other behind-the-scenes tidbits.  But, then again, the way she describes her state of being at the time and episodes since then, one might have to forgive her.  She might not actually remember it!

In spite of that, this is a really intriguing look at mental illness and life in Hollywood.  And it’s nice to have some things cleared up that have been a bit obscured by tabloids and internet gossip.

And, when you get right down to it, it’s hilarious.  Her sarcastic wit and style of writing makes you feel like you’re right there having a conversation with her.  So the conversation rambles a bit.  And you come out understanding someone just a little better.

The pictures are enlightening and the captions even better  (Check out the tabloid headlines.  Brilliant!)  I laughed at least once a page.

Of note, this might not be the best book for those under high school age.  There is profanity.  There are some serious situations she has dealt with.  Parents might not be so thrilled with younger minds (and maybe not even high schoolers) reading it.

But if you do not fall into this age group, I’d highly recommend it.

Wishful Drinking is only a week away

Carrie Fisher’s memoir is due in bookstores next Tuesday, and the early copies are making their way into the hands of the media. There’s a hefty three-part except – Star Wars is the middle selection – in the Daily Mail. A shorter and less safe-for-work bit was highlighted by Jezebel last week.

Fisher will even be making at least one bookstore appearance – look for her at New York’s Lincoln Triangle Barnes and Noble on December 10th.

Someone who’s not writing for live-action Star Wars

Russell T. Davies, who revived Doctor Who for the BBC, turned down George’s offer to talk about the Star Wars live-action series, according to SFX’s review of his new book, The Writer’s Tale. Given that every female Who fan I know is not that fond of the guy I’m not shedding any tears… (via)

Carrie Fisher memoir coming in December

Amazon now has a cover and a title for a new Carrie Fisher memoir, Wishful Drinking (based on her one-woman show of the same name, one assumes) and it gives a release date of December 2. The listing on Simon & Schuster’s site lacks the cover, but does give the same release date. See the full cover (from Amazon) under the cut. Continue reading