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Yum nub: Club Jade loves Ewoks!


Well, this new: It appears that some in fandom have decided that today is Ewok Appreciation Day. Luckily, Club Jade already has a deep and abiding love for Ewoks, which we indulged in a few years back by sharing our favorite Ewok recipes. Yub Nub!

If you prefer not to indulge, here’s an oldie but good: Crackerjack Juntion’s acapella Ewok Celebration Song:

Roundup: The fall of LucasArts

lucasartsGaming. Kotaku has a lengthy write-up/expose on the last days – and games – of LucasArts. There’s plenty on the evolution of the game that was announced as 1313, and what was going on behind-the-scenes after the Disney sale. Interesting stuff – even for a non-gamer.

Star Wars Reads. A number of locations have been added to the StarWars.com list of venues participating on October 5. Ashley Eckstein, Timothy Zahn, Aaron Allston, Martha Wells, John Jackson Miller and many other EU luminaries will be attending events around the country. (Anyone else considering the Ann Arbor stop?)

Lists. John Williams’ theme for Star Wars tops a BBC poll of voter’s favorite soundtracks.