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The fandom minute: Falcon dreams, lists, cakes…

Falcon week continues behind-the-scenes

This morning, StarWars.com takes Hyperspace members back to the making of The Empire Strikes Back with The Last Corellian Shipyard, an article reprinted from the UK Star Wars magazine (at least if Wookieepedia is to be believed) on the the full sized Falcon set built for The Empire Strikes Back by actual shipbuilders in Wales.

For those without Hyperspace, your consolation prize is a look back at the Falcon in video games.

A flurry of merchandise news: Hasbro, Nintendo

Video: 30% more Millennium Falcon from Hasbro

The folks over at ExtremeTech’s Gearlog got a sneak peek at some upcoming Star Wars toys, including the new Millennium Falcon, which is 30% bigger than the old ones. (They were using the same mold for 30 years before it broke!) Head on over to the link to see another video of The Clone Wars line.

The new Falcon will be officially unveiled at San Diego Comic Con next month.