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Diversify your baking with Star Trek cookie cutters

We already know all about the Star Wars ones (and how to repurpose others) so why not add to your collections with some Star Trek cookie cutters?

If you’re not a big Trek fan, ThinkGeek also offers yet more Star Wars cutters (with cookbook!) and will, in the fall, be offering an April Fools spawned lightsaber ice pop maker.

Celebration VI: Preview of the Official Store

The official store at Star Wars Celebration VI opened up for a sneak preview sale tonight. I was on hand to film the merchandise, and also got some good shots of the Jabba’s Throne Room diorama that’s really only visible from the store. They did start selling the Thursday Mara Jade busts in advance. Slipping through the shopping madness were Seth Green and Matthew Seinrich. Also, check out my photos of the convention so far – I’ll be adding to them every night, so stay tuned!

EDIT: Mara Jade statues are still in stock for Thursday!

Her Universe: Only 300 Mara Jade shirts at CVI

The Mara shirt, featuring art by Cat Staggs, is one of HU’s two Celebration exclusives, and there will only be 300 available. Similarly limited will be an R2-D2 charm. For those not attending, 50 of each will be available through the Her Universe site on August 23rd. The good news: They’ll have the shirt in sizes all the way up to 4X!

The Rebel and Imperial tank tops will also be debuting, though those appear to be part of the permanent line.

Also among the announcements is for the con are Her Universe photo shoots and the Bullied panel.

So why is the Mara shirt a limited engagement? Ashley explains:

Huh. Who knew?

UPDATE: Cat Staggs has posted the Mara art to her DeviantArt account, if you want a closer look at it.

Choose wisely: It’s awesome overload in the CVI store

The merchandise selection for the show store is out, and there’s plenty of great stuff to chose from. We already knew about the Expanded Universe maquettes, above. (There’s a zombie stormtrooper one as well.) As for the rest, I’m guessing the Jar Jar whoopie cushion and retro-style bag will be big sellers… See them, and a few of my other picks, below.

And yes, there’s a ton more at the link – StarWars.com has a handful of high res pics – and the Han and Leia couple shirts are back as well.

Is this our first look at Her Universe’s Mara Jade shirt?

…I’m guessing yes. Ashley Eckstein writes on this Celebration sneak peek: “This strong female character with Red hair, may have her own awesome shirt.” And who else goes sleeveless with a beige cape?

This is an Instagram photo with a filter, so don’t be too quick to judge on coloring… Though I’m afraid the jumpsuit was inevitable.

Ashley said in February that Her Universe was working with artist Cat Staggs on a Mara shirt for Celebration.

SDCC video: Star Wars merchandise

Before we put the Comic Con files in the archives, I’ve got a few more videos to show from San Diego this past weekend. First up is a tour of some of the different licensees in the Lucasfilm area. We’ve already gotten a tour of the Her Universe booth with Ashley Eckstein, but now let’s take a look at:

  • Chairs and beanbags from Red5inc
  • Star Wars novels and guidebooks from Del Rey
  • Anovos Productions‘ costumes and props (Wait! those aren’t Star Wars!)
  • Purses, belts and other accessories from Rock Rebel
  • Museum Replicas’ line of customizable Jedi outfits, Star Wars logo lamps and lightsaber umbrellas

Museum Replicas launching Jedi costume line

Casual cosplaying is about to get a whole lot easier – at least if you want to dress up as a Jedi. Museum Replicas is launching the “Become Your Own Jedi” costume line at SDCC today.

For the first time, fans can design and create their own complete and totally unique Jedi ensemble, utilizing replica costume pieces from the Star Wars films. All of the costume pieces in this collection were designed directly from the screen-used clothing, housed at the Lucasfilm Archives. Months of study and research have gone into making these costumes as close to the on-screen counterparts.

There’ll also be an “online Jedi Interactive Design Lab” to expediite the process for curious would-ve Jedi. The clothing can be purchased at MuseumReplicas.com.