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EU newbits: Comics, games, and The Clone Wars

Dark Times #11

The fandom more-than-a-minute: Catch-up edition

IMAGE: Custom SW Vans from slipoffs.comSpotted by Slashfilm, these custom-painted Van Slip-Offs by artist Shauna Luedtke.

Flashback: A more innocent time

IMAGE: LucasArts mag

Kotaku scans a 1993 LucasArts catalogue. I’m actually a little tempted to break out my old copies of the Insider (this was my first issue) and Star Wars Galaxy… Or, y’know, sell ‘em to some Wookieepedian via eBay. (How much, boys?)

Yeah. I don’t think of myself as a collector, but why else am I hanging onto 76 plus issues of outdated fan magazines? I HAS THE FANGIRL, PLEASE SEND HELP.

Rumor: Say goodbye to Galaxies?

IMAGE: Hey hey hey goodbyeSurfer Girl claims that LucasArts is going to pull the plug on the venerable Galaxies to make room for the new multiplayer:

The Artistic Lucases think that they have the only IP that can pose a serious challenge World of Warcraft and find that the setting of KOTOR is too niche to be a threat. They apparently expect the new Star War MMO to have at least three million subscribers by the end of the first year.

If KOTOR is too niche how come half of fandom won’t shut up about it?


Really, if true, the death of Galaxies may be just as well. They are clearly a very disturbed bunch of folks!