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Star Wars on Blu-Ray? Sure! Eventually..

Bryan Young got talk to Steve Sansweet at Comic-Con, and naturally he asked what was up with getting the movies on Blu-Ray. Steve’s answer? Well, it’s a feature that’s likely to get folded in with that box set we’ve been hearing about for years, and we’ll see it when the live-action series is nigh: aka “the next several years.” Ahh, vagueness, our old friend!

Hopes and expectations for San Diego’s Star Wars Spectacular

The Death Star at CIVSo as I said last week, I pretty firmly believe that Sansweet and company are finally going to bust out the official Celebration V announcement next month at San Diego Comic Con, but I’m not sure that really justifies airing the thing on G4.

Not that C5 wouldn’t be big news for us, but for the general audience at SDCC and G4 it’s not really wait-in-line or tune-in now material. The second season of The Clone Wars and The Old Republic MMO are certain to make appearances, but the TOR trailer is old news and while it’ll be nice to see Disney’s TCW preview in wide and open release, neither of those are exactly earth-shaking.

No, the ante has been upped; I’m expecting – hoping- something big. Like some major news on the live-action series, perhaps? Hasn’t been much solid on that lately, but there have been those rumors flying around about casting and murmurs about possible shooting locations. (And now… John Williams? Not that IMDB is most reliable of sources at this point in the game.) It’s a long shot… But we can hope. For a name, at the very least.

What would you like to hear? Would C5 and The Clone Wars alone satisfy you?

The fandom minute: Ewoks, Webbies, Vader, Death Star BBQ, Wedge (fake,) and lists

For the budding anthropologists in the room… McSweeny’s has Yub Jub Means “Devour the Weak:” An Authoritative Study of the Ewoks From the Field. (Also noteworthy, though not Star Wars: Selections from H.P. Lovecraft’s Brief Tenure as a Whitman’s Sample Copywriter.)

Lucas looking to Czech Republic for live-action?

George Lucas is encouraging the Czech Republic to step it up on the filming incentives. In the name of the live-action series, perhaps? It might be a long shot, but what the hey: Red Tails is filming there, after all.

(Hey George, you know who has great tax incentives? Michigan! I promise I won’t stalk you or anything.)

Checking on on the live-action show

Tagne of StarWars-Universe.com found that the Star Wars live-action show is listed as being in pre-production by the Screen Australia (Warning: PDF link) website. He contacted Lucasfilm, who said:

The live-action series is still too far off for any immediately impending announcements, but feel free to keep checking in!

Screen Australia is probably jumping the gun – we have nothing solid (only hearsay) about casting yet, and if Wikipedia is to be trusted (I know, I know,) that at least would come before pre-production began officially. But the fact is, Lucasfilm is playing things close to their chest at this point, so we just don’t know.

It’s not much, but hey: Any little bit, right?