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Empire Tales

Coming Soon continues their DVD preview with some great quotes from a Q&A session with ESB director Irvin Kershner:

I did not think of it as science fiction ever. To me it was a fable. It was a fairy tale. And all the research I did was for fairy tales. I read, of course, Campbell. I read Jung. I read Freud. I even read Einstein to try and understand a little bit of what he was saying because he was a great philosopher. And of course I’m very familiar with Zen Buddhist concept. To me it’s a hobby, not a religion. A hobby. I collect Buddhas, you see. Well, I stressed the fairy tale aspect. I stressed the characterization. I tried to put as much humor as possible in it.

In other SW/DVD news…
Reuters interview with Anthony Daniels / John Campea at Movie Blog pleads for sanity / TFN wants you to get a good deal (and then argue about it on their boards) / Jason Kottke has some interesting things to say about Hollywood and and the threat of piracy as told by George Lucas.

Ch-ch-changes: DVD News

With the DVDs out in less than two weeks, articles about the ‘cleaned up’ movies are running rampant. However, USA Today runs down a list of the changes/additions.

As part of the hype, George Lucas will be on the Charlie Rose show on PBS tonight, and A&E will be airing the Empire of Dreams documentary on Sunday.

If you haven’t preordered the DVDS yet, you can attend a midnight opening at one of nine Best Buy stores.