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Linkwhoring: Can you handle more Star Trek?

Blast from the past. Newsweek has a fantastic audio slideshow featuring long-time fan Angelique Trouvere talking about Trek conventions of the 70’s. Don’t miss it!

Don’t blink. MTV points out the many cameos in the new film. There was no mistaking Tyler Perry, but who else missed Greg Grunberg? io9 goes into more detail on the various Easter Eggs.

He is Spock. Geoff Boucher has a great interview with Leonard Nimoy.

But everyone’s a Captain Kirk. Elsewhere on the Los Angeles Times site, Todd Martens takes a look at Star Trek in mainstream music.

Speaking of Kirk… You could get your own next time you fly.

Geek reads. Here’s a site devoted to Star Trek books. Huh. (via)

A fanboy moment. John Serba’s ten reasons why Star Wars is better than Star Trek. Can’t we all just get along? (via)

Lucky Fans Get to See New Star Trek

While the film enjoyed its world premiere in Australia, Texas fans thought they were going to an Austin-area Drafthouse to get a 10-minute sneak peek of the new Star Trek Movie before settling in for a viewing of The Wrath of Khan.

After a bit of “impromptu” theater featuring one Leonard Nimoy, they got to watch the whole friggin’ movie!  Rather annoyingly, the AICN article starts going into story detail (my eyes).  If you can stop yourself, quit reading when he talks about the excitement level in the audience.  If you can’t stop yourself, here’s a much tamer description.  (via)

Bummed you missed the excitement?  You can console yourself during the long wait by getting a Star Trek bridge wall mural.

Vulcan to get Trek pre-release screening, Red Dwarf, Terminator Salvation and more…

As the geek world turns:

Neil Gaiman and the demigods of geekdom

Stardust may not be out yet, but it’s certainly getting its share of hype. It’s currently getting a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes (from only five reviews, granted) but Neil Gaiman is everywhere.

Really, there ought to be a band

Videos du jour

Thursday @ SDCC: All the other stuff

Zachary Quinto is young Spock. Meanwhile, Leonard Nimoy will reprise his role as original flavor Spock in scenes that will act as a framing device for the film.


Friday is Star Wars day, so keep your eye on the TOSblog and Flickr.

Video Monday

In one of the most horrific acts of cross-fandom pollination known to man, Leonard Nimoy sings about Bilbo Baggins and commits it to film.

The rest of the garbage…
Gnarls Barkley’s MTV Movie Awards performance.
One fan’s tribute the Wilhelm Scream.
James Luceno talks about Dark Lord.
Mashup: Sith City.
Harry Potter battles the monster Pubertus.
Classic Clip: Jedi Hunter. Crikey!