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Trailer park, SDCC edition: Legend of Korra, Veronica Mars

These almost certainly won’t be the last trailers out of the con, but these two revealed yesterday are certainly among my most-anticipated. Book 2 of Legend of Korra will be coming in September, but you can watch the first three minutes now.

The Veronica Mars movie is expected early next year.

We’ll have links of the rest of the non-Star Wars announcements later. There are apparently some doozies coming today…

26 more episodes of Legend of Korra coming

Well, lo and behold, Nickelodeon has ordered more Legend of Korra! The 26 episodes, which Entertainment Weekly is calling a second season, are in addition to the 14 episodes (Book 2, presumably?) that will air early next year.

Book 1, which concluded last month, averaged 3.8 million viewers an episode, occasionally beating such fare as Game of Thrones.

UPDATE: Co-creator Bryan Konietzko explains seasons and books.

Deal with it: Legend of Korra was the #1 scripted show on cable last week

Nickelodeon has a hit on their hands. Legend of Korra may have been beat by the NFL Draft and Pawn Stars in the ratings last week, but it was still cable’s #1 scripted program last week with 4.08 million viewers.

Yes, more people watched Legend of Korra last week than Game of Thrones, which had a not-at-all-shabby 3.9M viewers. Of course, Game of Thrones is on a premium channel and Nickelodeon is basic cable, but still… I’m damn impressed.

The Legend of Korra debuts tomorrow on Nick

Sure, the episode has been online (the whole shebang is currently a free download on iTunes) but tomorrow brings the shows’s official debut on Nickelodeon. 11:00 a.m. Be there.

In the meantime, you’ll want to check out a whole bunch of extras over at Korra Nation (particularly the Republic City tour) and an interview with Janet Varney, who voices Korra.

Watch Legend of Korra RIGHT NOW

'The Legend of Korra'

As promised, Nickelodeon has released the premiere (two episodes) of Legend of Korra online now, weeks before their television debut.

UPDATE: The episodes were only up for a limited time, and now you’ll have to wait until the TV premiere on April 14 to see them legitimately. Sorry!

UPDATE, AGAIN: Except for the part where they’re currently a free download on iTunes.

Nickelodeon to debut Legend of Korra on April 14

Nickelodeon has finally announced the premiere date of the highly-anticipated follow up to Avatar: The Last Airbender. The Legend of Korra will debut Saturday, April 14, at 11:00 a.m. and I am too excited for words. KORRA KORRA KORRA KORRA KORRA! Or, basically:

Nick recently launched an official site for the show, and has been releasing clips from the show there.