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Blurbs for Red Harvest and Fate of the Jedi: Conviction

Ewan spotted these summaries in the Random House Spring 2011 catalog. First up, Joe Schreiber’s Death Troopers followup, Red Harvest:

Strange things are happening in a Sith Academy, where the Dark Lord in charge has barricaded himself away, unexplained violence is on the rise, and the apprentices are growing more and more frightened. When a mercenary arrives with a delivery for the Sith Lord and a hostage Jedi
in tow, the situation reaches a boiling point. Only a Jedi Master, looking for the missing Jedi, can hope to get her and himself out alive.

The other, for Aaron Allston’s Conviction, contains some hefty spoilers for the next book, Troy Denning’s Vortex, which will be out in December. Highlight to read:

In this installment of the bestselling Fate of the Jedi series, the evil entity called Abeloth is on the run–but still not giving up it’s plans to destroy the galaxy. Despite the almost-friendship between Ben Skywalker and the Sith apprentice Vestara, the Jedi and Sith have dropped all pretenses of cooperation, and each side is making plans to rout the other.

And on Coruscant, ex-Jedi Tahiri Veila awaits sentencing for the crime of treason, and although they’ve effectively removed Chief of State Natasi Daala from power, the Jedi Council is in no position to help…

Conviction will be out April 19; Red Harvest on January 25.

Upcoming Joe Schreiber book gets another title

NJOE spotted a new title for Joe Schreiber’s next Star Wars novel over at Random House: Red Harvest.

The novel’s previous title, Black Orchid, was nixed somewhere along the line for sounding “like a romance novel.” I don’t see how yet another riff on the already-tired Blue Harvest thing is an improvement, so here’s hoping this turns out to be a placeholder. (via)

EUbits: Inside The Making of The Empire Strikes Back

Nonfiction StarWars.com offers up a peek at J.W. Rinzler’s The Making of The Empire Strikes Back. The book’s release was recently pushed back to October, but there’s little doubt that it will be worth the wait.

Street date shuffle. On that note, our book release schedule has been updated. The most notable change: A double shot of Fate of the Jedi paperbacks as Omen and Abyss are moved up to spring.

Podcastery. Star Wars Action News talked to Paul S. Kemp earlier in the month, while the ForceCast caught up with John Jackson Miller at C2E2.

The blogside. Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff on the end game and the last period.

Morsel. Sue Rostoni says that Joe Schreiber’s Black Orchid is getting a new title because some people thought it sounded like a romance novel. Personally I think old school Neil Gaiman/Dave McKean

Toys. Rebelscum reports that the Legacy Collection’s Expanded Universe action figures (the wave that includes Jacen and Jaina) have begun showing up at Toys “R” Us stores.

A day in the life of Sue Rostoni, or, random EU news

Sue Rostoni documents a “typical day” on her blog, dropping a few bits of news along the way. The highlights:

  • Joe Schreiber’s next Star Wars novel (Deathtroopers prequel?) is titled Black Orchid. Yes, there are orchids in the GFFA, thanks to Children of the Jedi. Kind of apt.
  • Looks like Saba Sebatyne will be on the back cover of Vortex
  • A new author and a new story pitch were both (separately) approved today.

EUbits: February comics, Backlash datage, Karpyshyn, Bohnhoff, and Schreiber

Has Zayne always been wearing TCW Anakin's clothes?Comics of an upcoming nature. StarWars.com has Dark Horse’s February 2010 solicitations, including the final issue of Knights of the Old Republic. People also seen to be awfully excited about seeing The Old Republic webcomic in print, but let’s not forget Legacy #45, the Dark Times: Blue Harvest TPB, and a Boba Fett omnibus. Okay, feel free to forget that last one. (I kid. Maybe.) Want a taste of something coming out a little sooner? Darkhorse.com has previews for Knights of the Old Republic #47 and Legacy #42.

Street date shuffle. SWBooks.co.uk spotted that April 13, 2010 is the new date for Fate of the Jedi: Backlash. That’s just a little under a month from the last date of March 9th.

The blogside. Drew Karpyshyn blogs to remind us that Dynasty of Evil is out next month… And tease The Old Republic. Meanwhile, Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff has what goes on in a writer’s head, the casting call, and when characters fall in love.

Interviews. NJOE went round robin with Death Troopers author Joe Schreiber.

EU interview roundup: Allston, Schreiber, Chee, and Peña

There’s been a flurry of interviews with Expanded Universe folks coming out in the last few weeks. Joe Schreiber of Death Troopers fame is the man of the hour, appearing at StarWars.com and LAist. But he’s not the only one: There’s Leland Chee, Aaron Allston, and Abel G Peña, too.

Out this week: Death Troopers, Invasion #0

You probably don’t need me to tell you that the internet famous Star Wars/zombie mashup novel Death Troopers is out today, what with all the twittering and reviewing and interviewing and such. Like, StarWars.com’s Zombie Week. (I don’t know about you, but I’m crossing my fingers for an official ‘Thriller’ video.)

Don’t forget Joe Schreiber’s book tour, which begins tonight in Huntington Beach, California.

As for Wednesday comics, there’s Invasion #0, which may look a little familiar.

EUbits: Lightsaber scarf, Schreiber, Bohnoff and comics

Crafting corner. There are two Mara Jade items in this roundup, and here’s the first one. Rebecca aka Sorakirei, whose first lightsaber scarf we featured earlier in the month, has another made another one. The Mara Jade lightsaber scarf was a commission – could it be from one of our readers? It’s a big internet… She’s also done a ROTJ Luke saber since we last looked…

The Blogside: Joe Schreiber on haunted houses and Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff on musical parody.

Action figures: A closer look at Jacen and Jaina.

Previews: Legacy #40, Knights of the Old Republic #46 and Invasion #4, which gives us our first look at (a fairly generic and perhaps Renaissance-Fair attending) Mara.

Lists: Topless Robot has a very Marvel-heavy list of the eleven least necessary Star Wars comics. Yes, its another one of those lists that was probably compiled by hitting the random button on the Wookieepedia, but I’m considering doing a novel version. (Since I’ve actually, like, read a lot of them. Imagine that. The New Rebellion, are your ears stinging yet?)