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Gate Geek – Twirling and Juggling

Some fun stuff to tide us over while we wait for the new season and Continuum.

The official site is treating us to a Season 5 Preview with producer Joe Mallozzi.  (Here lie some spoilers, but not much you haven’t already heard about.)

Speaking of Joe, get out the insulin, the annual Chocolate Party went down last weekend. ::drool::

Rachel Luttrell‘s discovering the challenge of juggling mommy-hood and work.  But she’s having fun(A wee bit of spoilage for both Seasons 4 and 5.)

Another Stargate mom, Amanda Tapping, reveals her secret past as a baton twirler.

Stargate Worlds is now accepting beta testers.

Gate Geek – We have cast!

I don’t see this as much with other shows, but Stargate fans seem to get really attached to the guest stars who appear on the show; especially those who are playing “good guys.”

So imagine the happiness when producer Joe Mallozzi announced Season 5’s guest star cast.

Why, yes.  That is yet another Star Trek cast member making the move over to Stargate.  I bet Trek’s casting directors are pleased with themselves.

And yes, that does represent an all woman team!  Let’s hear it for the ladies!

In other fun cast news, David Hewlett reports that his much-beloved sister Kate starts shooting yet another episode this week as Rodney‘s much-beloved sister Jeannie.

Gate Geek – Indeed

Well, things are lookin’ mighty interesting going into the season finale for Atlantis.  As usual, there are more tidbits to watch on the sneak preview on the official site.

However, we can live through our inter-season despair, safe in the knowledge that the next season is underway; as evidenced by the traditional cast dinner in which Joe Mallozzi moved too slow in keeping his dessert away from Jason Momoa.  (Would you argue with Jason?)

In SG1 news, they are really flooding the internet with wondrous tidbits to enjoy; including all sorts of new videos and the chance to ask producer Robert Cooper those burning questions you’ve always wanted answered.

Don’t want to send a message there?  They’ve added another cool “messaging” system using Ark of Truth clips.

Gate Geek – The Excitement Builds (Indeed)

So which way do we go this week?  Excitement that Atlantis is rocketing towards the end of what has proven to be a rockin’ season?  Or excitement that SG1 is about to rejoin us with all sorts of movie goodness?

SG1 – Rockin’ the Ark

March 11th will soon be here.  Can you believe it?!  Well, MGM certainly can by releasing another teaser video with some wonderfully breath-taking shots in it.   This one’s going to be of the pretty, folks!

Atlantis – Oh, The Tension!

Okay.  Kindred, Part I.  Although rather rudely spoiled by SciFi in their promo (yes, you kinda figured, but did they really have to do it?), this episode finally started rocketing us towards the resolution of every hanging storyline out there.

Joe Mallozzi took the lead on this one and shared what he was thinking and some deleted/alternate scenes.

If you want the answer to one of the questions posed in Part I, check out this week’s teaser video on the official site.