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From the Blogside

The Infinite Force explores the idea of being a Jedi or a Sith in real life. Just stay away from the census polls, okay?

Pablo talks about the origin of the Rookies webstrips.

Ravenclaw Devi considers Mary Sues and related issues.

Jedimaster13109 provides us with a nice overview of the Force.

In EU corner, Mike Beidler has some thoughts on Vector Prime. Meanwhile, Padawan Katis is reading The Phantom Menace novelization and Sunnyskywalker continues her spot-on Courtship of Princess Leia analysis with Chapter 5.

Special Valentine Unit

Okay, so it’s not our usual genre, but the Law and Order Valentines have been making the rounds and they’re too damn funny not to link. (via Boing Boing)

The artist, Brandon Bird, also has some fun Star Wars stuff: Masters of the Force, Fluttermaul, Man of Tomorrow and an awesome Ewok poster. Check out brandonbird.com for more fun pop-culture artwork.