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Kemp novel gets a name, Luceno interviewed

Sue Rostoni announced on the StarWars.com boards this afternoon that the January ’10 Jaden Korr novel by Paul S. Kemp is titled Crosscurrent.

In more immediately relevant EU news, Fictional Frontiers had James Luceno on this weekend in honor of Millennium Falcon. And EUC wants your questions for their own interview.

Fate of the Jedi blurb from the Random House

Random House has posted their spring catalog as a PDF, and it includes a blurb (though no cover) for Fate of the Jedi!

Fate of the Jedi launches a huge story arc, with heroic roles for the galaxy’s most beloved characters — Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa Solo, and their surviving children, Ben Skywalker and Jaina Solo. While Luke and Ben set off on the journey of a lifetime — of discovery and hardship, of obstacles and victories—the others remain in more familiar territory, dealing with the aftermath of the civil war that rocked the galaxy in the Legacy of the Force.

Some of that is familiar from early rumors but it’s good to have some sort of official confirmation. (When are the print catalogs sent out, exactly? Could it be the source of the early leak? Plus there are a few recently-revealed things missing, like the title of book 1, Outcast.) We can also expect a seven-city author tour, a “free PDF sampler giveaway,” an “original prequel short story” and a live chat (that’s been a while) on StarWars.com. (No, FateOfTheJedi.com isn’t live yet!)

Millennium Falcon also gets a page, which touts that it will have an excerpt from Outcast. Excerpts in hardcovers? That’s new…

Out this week: Coruscant Knights, Legacy, Rebellion/Vector, Knights of the Old Republic

Coruscant Nights: Street of ShadowsWow, is it time for Coruscant Nights: Street of Shadows already? The new Michael Reaves book should be in stores today. Also keep an eye out for The Dark Lord Trilogy trilogy, a trade omnibus that collects Labyrinth of Evil by James Luceno, Revenge of the Sith by Matthew Stover, and Luceno’s Dark Lord.

Don’t worry, comic fans: There’s plenty for you on Wednesday. The much-anticipated Darth Wyyrlok-focused Legacy #27, Rebellion #16 aka Vector part 8, and the fourth Knights of the Old Republic trade, Daze of Hate, Knights of Suffering. Punny!

First look at Luceno’s Millennium Falcon

Cover: Millenium Falcon by James LucenoOn the official site tonight, the cover and blurb for the first post-LOTF novel, James Luceno’s Millennium Falcon. Here’s the first part of the blurb – head on over to StarWars.com for the rest.

Two years have passed since the defeat of Darth Caedus, the former Jacen Solo. For a grieving Han and Leia, the shadow of their son’s tragic downfall still looms large. But Jacen’s own bright and loving daughter, Allana, offers a ray of hope for the future as she thrives in her grandparents’ care. The eager, inquisitive and Force-strong girl makes a curious discovery aboard her grandfather’s beloved spacecraft — the much-overhauled but ever-dependable Millennium Falcon. The Solo family then finds itself at a new turning point, about to set out on an odyssey into uncertain territory, untold adventure, and unexpected rewards.

Wait, what? Mindor and Falcon swap dates

IMAGE: Rogue Leader by Dave SeeleySo sayth the official blog this evening: Stover’s Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor has been moved back to December, and Luceno’s Millennium Falcon moved up to October. But the main focus of the post is a nice bit from artist Dave Seeley on the how and why of the image, and we get our first look at Mindor’s back cover – Lord Shadowspawn.

This is also the second time we’ve gotten a real news item via the blog… Interesting, no? (I suppose an all-Flash site would be mildly bearable if this method continues. Permalinks good!)

Yes, yes, I’m updating the book schedule.

UPDATE 05/20: On TOS, we have word from Sue Rostoni on the how and why of the switch:

Matt is late with his manuscript, and Jim is early — just made sense to swap them to give us a bit more time.

EU newsbits: Millennium Falcon, LOTF, TFU

IMAGE: Millennium Falcon

Yes Virginia, Millennium Falcon is post-LOTF

I almost spoiled myself over at io9 today, (Spoilers for EVERYTHING at that link) but since even they’re reporting about Invincible I’m just going to cave and report that the people who got the book early are saying that Luceno’s Millennium Falcon is a post-LOTF novel. It gets teased in the back of Invincible, complete with a ‘to be continued…’ (or other words to that effect.) And while there’s more, it’s spoileriffic and thus I don’t know.

I first read this on the TFN boards and may have caught a teensy bit of spoiler in the process, but both EUC and TFN have posted the news since then, so what the hell. It’s tough out here when you’re trying to get the spoilers off limits… At least with friends like these.

James Luceno’s Millennium Falcon: Another unannounced novel at RandomHouse.com

Some folks over at TFN discovered a listing for an audiobook and an audio download of a book we’ve heard nothing of so far: Millennium Falcon by James Luceno. (Han and Lando backstory, perhaps?) Release date is given as December 30, 2008.

Now, when are we going to get that contract announcement?