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Indiana Jones in the new Entertainment Weekly

IMAGE: Indy in Entertainment WeeklyEntertainment Weekly is coming out with its Summer Movie Preview this week, and it’s not too big of a surprise that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull made the cover. And they also sat down with George Lucas and Steven Spielberg to talk about Indy, Cate Blanchett’s overwhelming awesomeness, filmmaking, and all the other stuff you expect them to address, like Will Ferrell and Steve Carrell.

And thankfully, after an interview or two full of doom and gloom, George has found his sense of humor again. Phew.

IndyNews: John Hurt on Indiana Jones

Premiere Magazine does an interview with John Hurt on being in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The veteran actor talks about being cast but keeps contractually mum about the script as his role, even amid speculation that he plays Abner Ravenwood. He also discusses working with the divine Spielberg and leaving Lucas alone.

Other news from the world of Indiana Jones:
The cover of J.W. Rinzler’s The Complete Making of Indiana Jones (covering all 4 movies) has been revealed on starwars.com. The book comes out May 22, 2008.
Disc Nine of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones – Volume Two: The War Years is visited on starwars.com, with a historical lecture on War and Revolution, and for your computer, an interactive timeline and a game called “Special Delivery” based on Indy’s adventures in Africa.

And of course, The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones – Volume Two: The War Years was released this past Tuesday on DVD. Get it wherever DVD box sets are sold.

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Latest from the world of Indiana Jones

News from starwars.com:

  • Indiana Jones Heritage trading cards to have autograph cards from 14 stars of the first three Indy films, including Karen Allen, John Rhys Davies, Ke Huy-Quan, Julian Glover. But the real autograph to get is from Vernon Dobtcheff, who played the Butler in the Castle Brunwald: “If you are Scottish lord, then I am Mickey Mouse!”
  • Gentle Giant is also getting some Indy action. First up is a statue of Indy on horseback from Last Crusade, and next is a mini-bust of Indy, the first in a series.

    And in other Indy news:

  • USA Today sets the stage for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull by mentioning a little about the roles for Jones, Blanchett, Winstone and LeBeouf and a little about crystal skulls. Not much actually new mentioned here, but it’s a tidy summary of what has been officially released about the plot of the movie.
  • Trespassing charges against Shia LeBeouf were dropped. Apparently Walgreen’s was scared of being attacked by Autobots and Indiana Jones if they pursued the case.

    The starwars.com tour of Volume Two of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones moves on with:

  • Disc Seven: Espionage Escapades. Indy does some ballet while undercover in Spain, and has a surreal adventure in bureaucracy on a mission in Prague where he is assisted by Kafka. Companion documentaries focus on Sergei Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes, ballet, and Kafka.
  • Disc Eight: Daredevils of the Desert . Indy joins up with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Daniel Craig to help the British take Beersheba from the Turks. Two historical documentaries focus on T.E. Lawrence and the making of the modern Middle East as a result of WWI.