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Darth Vader, Captain America, and Indiana Jones team up for today’s double dose of art awesomeness

Here’s a one-two punch of some awesome art for the week:

Ever wondered what would happen when the First Avenger comes across a Dark Lord of the Sith? Dave Dorman has, and created this mash-up of Darth Vader and Captain America for Wizard World Chicago 2011. Who’s inside that armor – is it Anakin or Red Skull? Next time, get a shield made of cortosis, Cap!

Meanwhile, Matt Busch has produced an exquisite map showcasing the travels and artifacts of Indiana Jones, pulling from the films and other Indy sources (The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, comics, video games, novels, and theme park rides). Proceeds from this piece go to American Disabled Veterans. Now to drop hints that this would make a great gift for me.

Didn’t we just leave this party? Harrison Ford reportedly wants Indiana Jones killed off

According to gossip site ShowbizSpy, Harrison Ford has been lobbying George Lucas and Steven Spielberg to kill off Indy in the next installment of the series.

“Harrison thinks it would be good for Indy to die and pass on his hat to his son in the next one,” reveals an insider.

“George especially is resisting the notion but Steven is considering it. Funnily enough Harrison wanted the same for Han Solo in the final Star Wars but George put an end to it. This time he doesn’t have all the say though.”

Bogus? Maybe. It’s a little too similar to the Han Solo story for me to believe, but I wouldn’t be all that surprised either. (via)

UPDATE: A rep for Ford told the Huffington Post that the report is false. Shocking! Now back to your regularly scheduled whatever.

Celebration V: Last Tour to Endor

Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios created a fantastic evening with their Last Tour to Endor party, commemorating the last day of the Star Tours attraction. Fans were treated to their final rides on the Starspeeder 3000 before it closed for a revamp as well as some unique other experiences.

The Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular hosted a one-night-only special mashup show called “Raiders of the Lost Jedi Temple of Doom” where two fan film makers combine Indiana Jones and Star Wars in making the ultimate fan film. Special cameo performances were made in the three shows by such stars as Seth Green, Mark Hamill, Warwick Davis, Anthony Daniels, Jaime King, and Jeremy Bulloch. George Lucas attended the second show, where Seth Green announced that Anthony Daniels would be voice acting in the third Robot Chicken Star Wars special.

Also brought out was some shows from Star Wars weekends: the Jedi Academy training and the Star Wars dance contest. The evening was capped off by a supremely awesome fireworks show set to Star Wars music. “Duel of the Fates” and the assault on the Death Star were my favorites.

Indy not headed to Bermuda Triangle for fifth film

Slashfilm reports that Lucasfilm has killed the unsubstantiated speculation on the fifth Indiana Jones film focusing its story on the Bermuda Triangle, with Harrison Ford and Shia LeBeouf teaming up for the main action. (Frank Marshall has also weighed in.)

My best guess is that after Indy’s experience with oil in the Venetian catacombs in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, he now doesn’t want to go anywhere near that BP oil spill.

Sequel rumblings: Indy 5 and Star Trek

While talking to MTV News, Harrsion Ford dished up a little talk about the fifth Indiana Jones film, but doesn’t elaborate much on George Lucas’ “crazy but good” idea for a new adventure, and concedes that his Extraordinary Measures co-star Brendan Fraser would probably have his Rick O’Connell character from The Mummy franchise beat Indiana Jones to the treasure nowadays.

Variety reports that Paramount released that the next Star Trek film will have its release on June 29, 2012. While J. J. Abrams will be producing, no word yet on whether he will be directing, or just adding lens flare effects. John Cho reports to IGN Movies that he’s hoping for some Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan in the sequel, which could either be Star Trek 2, or Star Trek 12 depending on how you count. Meanwhile SciFiWire finds some Trek fans in Seattle use body paint to make Trek uniforms (warning: NSFW). Maybe they could wear some Star Trek wetsuits.

LucasArts opening up vault for direct download of ‘classic’ game titles

Something something BattlefrontLucasArts announced via Twitter that they are going to be releasing many of their older PC game titles for direct download. The first batch of ten classic games, including Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, LOOM, Star Wars: Battlefront II and The Dig will be re-released on July 8 via Steam, the online delivery system from Valve Entertainment. Steam will also be the download system for the PC version for the upcoming Monkey Island remake The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, coming out July 15.

The full list of games being released on July 8 contains some classic graphic adventures, and some more recent action titles:

  • Armed and Dangerous
  • Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure
  • LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventure
  • LOOM
  • Star Wars Battlefront II
  • Star Wars Republic Commando
  • Star Wars Starfighter
  • The Dig
  • Thrillville: Off the Rails

This is only the first batch of classic LucasArts games to be released – and noticeably some popular game franchises are absent, possibly to be re-released in future batches: Maniac Mansion, X-Wing, Dark Forces, and Grim Fandango. No pricing information is yet available.

Meanwhile, the new Monkey Island game from Telltale Games, has its first episode coming out tomorrow, Tales of Monkey Island – Chapter 1: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal for PC. The Wii version will be released in the coming weeks.

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis was also included as a bonus game in the Wii version of Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, released in June 2009.