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Merry Sithmas from Santa Maul

Since Dunc won’t let him run his favorite Sithmas song, Santa Maul is instead forced to resort to non-offensive animal-laden pablum. Darth Sinterklaas will not be pleased!

For those wishing to horrify and confuse their enemies, Santa Maul presents this:

Regardless, Santa Maul wishes all a Happy Sithmas. May your slaying be easy and your spoils be plentiful.

Video: Christmas with the Joker

Santa Maul's Holiday Gift GuideSanta Maul would be well amiss if he did not pay tribute to the Joker this holiday season. He has it on good authority that Batman does indeed have a tendency to smell worse than a 501st changing room after a warm-weather march.

Santa Maul is also sure that he should be linking to Rebelscum’s holiday gift guide. He assumes most of you will be quite aware of these items already, but would rather not be pestered by that gangly social media elf of theirs.

Lucasfilm’s gingerbread holiday wishes

StarWars.com highlights Lucasfilm’s 2009 holiday card, which has a gingerbread Clone Wars theme:

Designed by artists Harrison Parker and Kelly Smith, the card appears to be a gingerbread cookie tin which opens to reveal several Clone Wars characters in gingerbread form, complete with cookie-dough “ghosting” on the reverse of the interior panel.

You can check out their previous seasonal offerings here.