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The fandom minute: New Moon takes Sith to its knees

Oh, it’s on now, sparkles. Fandango’s advance ticket sales for New Moon, the second Twilight movie, have surpassed Revenge of the Sith’s record. I am resisting so many choking vs. c-section jokes right now, but mostly just thankful it wasn’t Transformers.

Oh honey, no. Someone decided that yesterday was World Wide Wookiee Life Day. Here concludes my obligatory mention of the Holiday Special for the season. Call me when Santa Maul wakes up, okay? (via)

Phone stuffs. A Trench Run game is now available in the iTunes store priced at $4.99 for those with compatible devices. (The lightsaber app is still free.) Meanwhile, those who possess a lesser device an LG Arena KM900 can get some custom Star Wars stuff, including a ringtone.

List. Star Wars is the indisputable champion of Geekdad’s top ten bad messages from good movies, at least if you don’t count Disney as a single entity.

At random. Yoda in the form of the new Twitter default icon.

Rerun: Twenty terrifying Star Wars moments

Remember when the Clone Wars were pretty? Okay, maybe not the best example.

This list by Pablo is actually from a few years back, but it got a bit of a spiff-up for the new format, and what the hell — it is Halloween, and the internet has the collective memory of a goldfish for stuff like this. (Not you, Wookieepedia.) Have at it, kids.

Victory for the Star Wars Holiday Special!

You have pleased the Bea.It won the Paley Center’s holiday special poll with 59% of the vote, beating out better but less infamous specials like A Charlie Brown Christmas and How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (Which are going to be played on TV ad nauseam anyway.) But the Holiday Special will be screened in New York and Los Angeles! Inflict it on your friends! (Thanks, Mike!)

The fandom minute: Han’s secret shame, Simon Pegg’s fanfic, Artoo in D.C.

So if Lowie is Chewie's nephew... No, that can't be right.Holiday Special week fallout: Han Solo’s little-known furry roots glommed on by internets, many bad jokes (and debate?!?) ensue.

Better a Wookiee than a Selonian, I guess. (We’ll leave them to Corran.)

More adventures in Holiday Special archeology

Holiday Special concept art by Ralph McQuarrie

The StarWars.com crew did some digging and unearthed several Holiday Special props and other detris – even an animatic reel of the cartoon. There’s also a handful of old articles – one on the art directors and concept art, kicking off with Ralph McQuarrie and an interview with Patty Maloney, who played Lumpawarrump, and Stan Winston on Wookiee makeup/costuming. And finally, learn to draw Chewie’s family.

Bask in the horror of Holiday Special week

The fact that there is anything that can be qualified as Holiday Special collectibles is chilling at best. But in a month that has brought us the Darth Vader toaster, it’s impossible to be surprised – except perhaps by the lack of a Ackmena Cantina playset.

Those desiring words over pictures can head over to interviews with the special’s scriptwriter and directors.