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Terminator: Salvation web poster, Firefly ‘Verse map

Using the web to its fullest potential, an online poster for the upcoming Terminator: Salvation has appeared on aintitcool.com.

Appearing at this past weekend’s Firefly con in Burbank, QMX has released a double-sided map of the ‘Verse for Firefly/Serenity fans: Where in the ‘Verse is (Carmen) Miranda?

And some British archaeologists search for the facts while watching the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull DVD.

Online Serenity comic from Dark Horse

Not sure how this one slipped under the radar, other than the fact that we were too busy re-watching Dr. Horrible… Last month’s Myspace Dark Horse Presents included a Serenity comic one-shot, entitled “The Other Half”. Once again, Mal learns that jobs are never as simple as they are supposed to be. Check it out at Issue 13 of Myspace Dark Horse Presents

Google News from a better world

Once you scroll past stories like ‘China Withdraws from Tibet, with Apologies,’ ‘Darfur peace process well underway,’ and ‘Big Three Unveil Emissions-Free Lineup’ on this Google News spoof, there’s also some good news for Serenity, Harry Potter, and Star Wars fans. In theory, anyway… For particularly lazy scrollers, a screencap of the Entertainment section is under the cut. (via) Continue reading

Resisting the inevitable ‘leaf on the wind’ joke

IMAGE: Vincent :(New York Magazine’s Vulture blog counts down ten beloved characters who didn’t deserve to die. Wash’s Serenity is the only real genre character on the list, but Samuel L. Jackson’s hilarious end in Deep Blue Sea and Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction are also contenders.

With that in mind, what sudden character death (outside of Star Wars) still haunts you? (Seriously, if you post any Legacy of the Force spoilers in this thread, I will cut you. Okay, maybe not. Just delete them. But I’m sure there’s a sidebar poll in this about six months down the line.)

Adam Baldwin and CA Browncoats auctioning off Jayne’s shirts

The California Browncoats and Adam Baldwin, who played Jayne Cobb on “Firefly” and “Serenity”, are auctioning off shirts worn by Adam Baldwin in the filming of the TV series and movie. There are 13 different shirts being auctioned, and proceeds from the sales of these screen-worn costumes will go to Adam’s charity of choice, the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation.

This week, a shirt worn by Jayne Cobb near the end of the movie – On eBay.