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Fanboys heading into more cities

Yesterday we got word that Fanboys was moving into a few more markets today: Nashville, St Louis, Scranton, Alburquerque, Harrisburg, Jacksonville, Toledo and others.

It’s still playing in several of the older markets as well: StarWars.com has the complete theater list. I’m not sure how many more expansions the film is going to get with the DVD coming out in May, so catch it now if you want to see it sooner rather than later.

Fanboys spreading to 11 more cities!

Fans in Minneapolis, Baltimore, Miami, Pittsburgh, Orlando, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Providence, Greensboro, Memphis and Cleveland will be getting the movie on February 27. That brings the total to 24 cities.

I saw it on Sunday (what Academy Awards?) and I gotta admit it was cute. Not perfect, but enjoyable enough that I didn’t mind having to drive an hour. Some of the Trek parts were a bit too over-the-top and epically embarassment squicky, though. That said, I went to see it with an actual fanboy and he loved it.

More Fanboys theaters!

StarWars.com has theater listings for all the new cities! It’s opening in 10 cities and continuing to play in five, but if you’re in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, or San Francisco better make plans for Friday, because that’s all you get until the DVD.

Columbus fans get a special treat: There’ll be a Q&A with director Kyle Newman, writer Ernie Cline, and producers Matthew Perniciaro & Kevin Mann.