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This week in The Clone Wars

TEASER: General Grievous concept art

The Jedi Council’s top 100 EU characters

IMAGE: Corran Horn, but only for HorseyIn January TFN’s Jedi Council Literature board counted down their 100 favorite works; Now their buddies over in the EU Community have tackled the Top 100 Expanded Universe characters.

Once again, I’ve copied the top 20 below the cut. Some of their choices might surprise you… Or maybe not, depending how much you read TFN. Continue reading

Expanded Universe newsbits

The fandom minute

IMAGE: Ryan Kitchel and Deb Fix’s SW Wedding

You realize you’re all just encouraging him

io9 discovers Supershadow, the internet’s most laughable Star Wars site. (Unless you happen to be certain type of Wookieepedian, in which case he is the fannish equivalent of Osama bin Laden. They get so adorably worked up over the little nutter.)

If the antics of Mickey and friends are a little too out there for you, io9 has also charted the prevalence of the Hero’s Journey in science fiction.