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It’s Friday and The Clone Wars is back

Your only visual Star Wars fix returns with ‘Cloak of Darkness’ tonight, complete with…. Surprise James Marsters?!? (The hell?) In less shocking news, Ashley Eckstein and a new webcomic, ‘Transfer.’ UPDATE Annnnd Olivia d’Abo.

As for the fannish side of things, the ForceCast has Kevin Rubio and a ‘Bombad Jedi’ roundtable. Plus, the Galactic Senate message boards are holding a Clone Wars fanfic contest, with actual prizes and everything. (via)

The fandom minute: Han’s secret shame, Simon Pegg’s fanfic, Artoo in D.C.

So if Lowie is Chewie's nephew... No, that can't be right.Holiday Special week fallout: Han Solo’s little-known furry roots glommed on by internets, many bad jokes (and debate?!?) ensue.

Better a Wookiee than a Selonian, I guess. (We’ll leave them to Corran.)

TFN thread of the indeterminate time period: Fan fiction and the profic fan

There’s been an interesting fanfic discussion thread over on TFN’s Literature boards, and for a conversation I thought would drop like a stone it’s actually turned out fairly interesting. (Silly title and all.)

Things are starting to get a little heated towards the end, but such is the risk one takes with TFN.

Your fan fiction is not going to be published

Literary agent Colleen Lindsay was submitted a Star Trek novel. Her advice:

Do not EVER – under any circumstances – send an agent a query for a novel based on someone else’s characters or world. Just don’t.

As for this poor, ignorant person, I give them 1.5 Jareos.

For more on the subject, I refer you to several of our own professonals: Rodger McBride Allen, Karen Traviss, and Abel G. Peña. You might also want to check out Keith R.A. DeCandido’s post on the difference between profic and fanfic.

Star Trek gets own self-published infringer

Following in the hallowed footsteps of Lori Jareo, Austin P. Torney self-publishes Star Trek: The Death Wave. His cover makes Jareo’s look quite classy… and check out this summary:

An original screenplay/novelette that answers the question of how the warlike Klingons of Captain Kirk’s era came to their end and were replaced by the somewhat friendlier Klingons of the new generation; however, this story does not dwell much upon the Klingons, but upon Kirk’s forced retirement at age 65 and his return from it through a war for the galaxy in which he must become the ultimate chess master.

Might I interest sir in a period? (via)

More polls, please!

Imadra Blue is polling for Star Wars fandom preferences on the Livejournal. It’s mainly a saga (mostly prequel) oriented poll, both because that’s Jax’s corner of fandom and because there isn’t really a huge contingent of active EU fans there. (Obligatory pimping of starwars_eu and marafics. And yes, there will be a giant EU poll sooner rather than later. As usual, I have more ideas than time to type them.)

And don’t forget to vote in our first sidebar poll! Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has been holding a steady lead in what you want the most for 2008. Looks like I’ll have to buy JawaJames a whip!