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The catchup: Links from Twitter

Here are some of the things I’ve micro-blogged over @clubjade in the past few days.

Simplicity itself. The most surprising thing about this figure is that they haven’t actually tried to market it yet.

Internet famous. I get the feeling I would appreciate this #SXStarWars craze more if my time moderating message boards hadn’t given me a complete disdain for line-by-line thread games.

Hey, it’s better than Anakin. Baby name fail! Or win?

Bad bad bad, wrong wrong wrong. Topless Robot has a regular feature called Fan Fiction Friday, where he rightfully skewers awful (usually ‘erotic’) fanfic. This week’s selection? A Jacen/Leia fic called ‘Sexual Situations.’ Yes, it’s awful. Yes, it’s explicit. But there’s snark! Still, if you click through that link, don’t you dare say I didn’t warn you.

Cleanse your brain. Star Wars lunchbag art!

It’s Friday, so here’s some silly fanfic that everyone (even fanboys!) can enjoy

Rogues and the dreaded ‘Mari Soo’ stir up trouble in The Secret Diary Of Luke Skywalker.

1809 hours: Mon Mothma told me to “stop moping about Bespin” and to get on with my life. After all, she added, much as I’d lost my hand and all, she was sick of “removing Wes Janson from my quarters at ungodly hours of the night, demanding a ‘goodnight kiss’,” and “it’s your responsibility as commander to keep your squad in check regardless of how you’re feeling” and “civic duty” and “orange flightsuits” and blah blah blah. Huh. See if I blow up a Death Star for her again.

…It is Friday, right?

No, seriously: Britney Spears wants your fan fiction

BRITNEY AND DOOGIE OMG!!!I don’t think that Britney’s people have entirely thought this concept through. So let’s hold a contest of our own: Post your own wild and crazy (well, not too crazy: Keep it PG-13) crossover fan fiction ideas. Any fandom, but it better have Britney. The one that brings the most lulz will win… Well, nothing. Save our laughter. DOOOOOO IIIITTTT.

Fanfic: Dispatches in ignorance from Marvel VP

The Beat highlighted some interesting dialogue out of the ICv2 Graphic Novel Conference:

Ira Rubenstein (Marvel): But Dave, I think there’s a difference. No one can write about Spider-Man or X-Men except for us.

Dave Roman (Nickelodeon Magazine:) I disagree.

Stuart Levy (Tokyopop:) Totally.

Rubenstein: Those are our characters. How could someone else write another Spider-Man story?

Roman: Because fan fiction is becoming so powerful. I’ve seen the power of fan fiction. Working at Nickelodeon, there are people out there doing ‘Avatar’ comics that are soooooo much better…

Rubenstein: But that’s like saying YouTube is a real entertainment channel. It’s not.

Roman/Levy/like five people in the audience: It is.

Rubenstein is not only a VP, he’s the VP of Marvel’s Global Digital Media Group. Which means that knowledge of the various internet subcultures would be, I’m guessing, a part of his job. And you know what fanfic fandom is full of? The great untapped audience of women. It’s true for the generally boy-tastic Star Wars fandom, and I don’t doubt the numbers are similar for Marvel properties. And no guys, it’s not all an exploration of Iron Man/Captain America slash. (Though some of it is. Deal. Hell, use it. A panel or two of awkward dialogue will get you buzz. And that means sales. Because shippers are crazy. Trust me: I used to be one.)

On the one hand, I know some folks (in Star Wars fandom) who avoid fanfic because “it’s not the real story;” On the other hand, I’ve known dozens, if not hundreds of people for whom fan fiction is nothing less than the driving force of their fandom activity. And you know what that means? Interest. Pageviews. Sales. See, all those people who will sit there are bitch about the latest storyline? At least some of them are going to actually buy it, even if only so they can write a thousand-page epic on how things should have gone.

As for the Youtube bit… Sheesh. I can understand not knowing about fanfic, but Youtube? But here’s a tip: Fan fiction and Youtube are free. And in this economic climate, that means they are some pretty fierce competition. Know them, know their appeal. The fanfic community might not be as much of a usable resource as Youtube, (Buzz!) but it’s still an audience. You can’t afford ignorance.

Culling the Twitter: Random acts of linkage

The zombie revolution spreads to classic lit!

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is coming in April (and not the first, either) from Chronicle Books. I know you guys will want to read this one. Just check out the blurb:

As our story opens, a mysterious plague has fallen upon the quiet English village of Meryton—and the dead are returning to life! Feisty heroine Elizabeth Bennet is determined to wipe out the zombie menace, but she’s soon distracted by the arrival of the haughty and arrogant Mr. Darcy. What ensues is a delightful comedy of manners with plenty of civilized sparring between the two young lovers—and even more violent sparring on the blood-soaked battlefield as Elizabeth wages war against hordes of flesh-eating undead.

How could any zombie fan resist? (Or is Elizabeth Bennet, Zombie Slayer, a sign that the trend has finally played out?)

Sorry, the RPF is in another castle

There is no Christian Bale fan fiction here. We like him and all, but not that much. ClubJade.net might come up in Google for it (okay, I can’t find it, but I guess someone did) but all our fanfic is old and about the fictional people of Star Wars.

Answerer 3: It’s called Real Person Fiction, and it does indeed exist. There have been some actual fandoms devoted to the stuff. Sorry.

But since you clicked, have a consolation prize.

It’s Friday and The Clone Wars is back

Your only visual Star Wars fix returns with ‘Cloak of Darkness’ tonight, complete with…. Surprise James Marsters?!? (The hell?) In less shocking news, Ashley Eckstein and a new webcomic, ‘Transfer.’ UPDATE Annnnd Olivia d’Abo.

As for the fannish side of things, the ForceCast has Kevin Rubio and a ‘Bombad Jedi’ roundtable. Plus, the Galactic Senate message boards are holding a Clone Wars fanfic contest, with actual prizes and everything. (via)

The fandom minute: Han’s secret shame, Simon Pegg’s fanfic, Artoo in D.C.

So if Lowie is Chewie's nephew... No, that can't be right.Holiday Special week fallout: Han Solo’s little-known furry roots glommed on by internets, many bad jokes (and debate?!?) ensue.

Better a Wookiee than a Selonian, I guess. (We’ll leave them to Corran.)