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The fandom minute: Thracken misses io9’s bus, My Little Ponies, Flickr, Designer editions

Han Solo and his identical cousin, Thracken Sal-Solo  (You can lose your mind!) You missed one. io9 lists the most ridiculous evil twins in the multiverse, tragically ignoring Star Wars’ Thrackan Sal-Solo. Okay, sure, so maybe a mention for a C-list Expanded Universe character is too much to expect, but he’s the identical cousin of Han Solo! But evil! With a mustache! He led an organization called the Human League! What’s not to mock?

New Star Wars pics at Heilemann’s

Michael Heilemann’s collection of Star Wars pictures is, as far as I know, unequaled online – and he just announced that he’s added “a couple of hundred” new images. Go forth and check them out.

(We’ve previously featured his McQuarrie and storyboard collections.)

I really wish StarWars.com would put out a simple, easily browsable selection of photos like this… Of course, that might mean they’d shut Heilemann down. Still, the popularity of these sets – you can’t go anywhere on the internet this month without seeing a link to the storyboard gallery – shows there’s plenty of interest for this sort of thing.