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Aaron Allston releases new ebook: An Occurrence at Bifrost Bridge

An Occurrence at Bifrost BridgeAaron Allston, author of many Star Wars novels including the upcoming Wraith Squadron novel, X-Wing: Mercy Kill, has announced the ebook release of a new short story, An Occurrence at Bifrost Bridge. Set in the 1940s, this fantasy story journeys into the realms of Norse mythology, with a title reminiscent of a classic Ambrose Bierce tale.

Available in several formats, the story is available for purchase at Allston’s ArcherRat Publishing store or get the Kindle edition on Amazon. Physical copies may be available for purchase from the author at Dragon*Con. Also now available in multiple electronic formats is Allston’s first ebook, Dead But Hostile, a trio of horror shorts.

EUbits: Catching up with cover art, Fate of the Jedi excerpts, blueprints and more

Cover art. Two upcoming reprints are getting brand-new covers: Joe Schreiber’s Red Harvest and Michael Reaves’ Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter. Timothy Zahn also gives us our first look at the back of Choices of One on Facebook.

eBooks. Speaking of Zahn, he wrote about Star Wars and the Kindle for Amazon.

Fate of the Jedi. While we were in Columbus, two Ascension excerpts emerged: One long, one short. It’s out in August. Huh.

What in the what? If you really love blueprints — I mean REALLY love blueprints — then you’ve probably already jumped for joy about Star Wars: The Blueprints, since it was also announced last week sometime. As always when it comes to this collector edition stuff, I shrug.

Lists Dark Horse and Star Wars made Newsarama’s list of the ten most important comic relaunches in comic book history. (via)

Out this week: Star Wars books go digital

Tomorrow all of Random House’s Star Wars back catalog will be available in all the various eBook formats. For some, this is super-exciting… For others, merely shrug-worthy. In any case, there is a trailer.

This isn’t going to be every single Star Wars book – Young Jedi Knight fans, you are nubs out of luck – but as both Bantam and Del Rey are Random House imprints, this is the vast majority of them.

There are no actual new releases this week, but I did miss last week’s lone comic: Jedi: The Dark Side #2. In stores now!

Complete library of Star Wars novels will be released in eBook format on June 28

As speculated not so long ago, Random House and Lucasfilm will be releasing Star Wars novels in eBook format this summer – all of them.

“Readers and fans have been asking for the Star Wars novels to be made available digitally, and we’re excited that we can finally make this happen,” said Howard Roffman, President of Lucas Licensing. “We’re committed to providing fans with great Star Wars stories that can be enjoyed on any reading platform. We’re thrilled to see the extensive backlist of Del Rey and Bantam titles made available electronically.”

The “extra content” isn’t all that noteworthy to obsessives like us, but timelines, era breakdowns and excerpts will no doubt prove useful to new and casual readers.

EUbits: Drew Karpyshyn takes on Darth Revan

Revan will be Karpyshyn’s Old Republic novel. The third novel tie-in to Bioware’s Old Republic MMO will feature the Sith Lord from Knights of the Old Republic, SWTOR.com announced today. Other characters from the KOTOR games, including Canderous, T3-M4, the Exile and Bastila Shan, will also appear.

Upcoming. Dan Wallace is currently working on an updated Essential Guide to Characters.

Art books. Abrams will follow up last year’s Star Wars Visions with Star Wars Art: Comics.

Interview. Sci-Fi block talks to comic writer Tom Taylor.

Opinion Lightsaber Rattling makes a point for Star Wars eBooks.

Poll/Discussion: Your thoughts on eBooks

It’s looking pretty likely that a nice chunk of the Star Wars backlist will be coming to eBook format this summer. Given the popularity of that post – if not for April Fools, it would probably have been last week’s most-read – it seems there’s quite a bit of interest.

While I know a lot of folks who are all about their Kindles, I can’t say the format has ever held much interest for me. (And I already own most of the Star Wars backlist anyway.) I like physical books, and moreover, I like shopping for actual books in actual bookstores. Ironically, my reason for that – basically, instant gratification, because even two-day shipping takes two days – is the one reason why I can understand the lure of eBooks.

But what are your thoughts? Have you jumped on the eBook train? (Star Wars or otherwise!) Continue reading

Yearning for Star Wars eBooks? They’re coming soon

NJOE’s Max Jaybo noticed the other day that a good chunk of the Star Wars backlist has gained a new format: eBook. To see it for yourself, go to Random House’s Smart Archive and search for ‘Star Wars.’ (Sorry, can’t link directly, but you’ll have to scroll a bit – the eBook selections begin, at least at the moment, with Coruscant Nights I: Jedi Twilight.) The titles vary from Zahn and other classic Bantam titles to the NJO and beyond, all with a August 17th release date. The full spread – 96 titles – take up the better part of 3 pages in the database, so it’s a nice chunk. (via)

Del Rey has been offering up new titles as eBooks for the varied formats – The Old Republic: Deceived, for instance, is available in iBooks and for Kindle and the Nook, among others – so it’s likely you’ll be able to purchase the new additions for your device of choice as well.

Lightsaber Rattling has more database patience than me, and he got it to spit out a list – with prices! Looks like most of the eBooks will be going for $7.99.

UPDATE: Erich Shoeneweiss tells Lightsaber Rattling all may not be as it seems. Wait and see, yet again.

Want to check out the database for yourself? Head under the cut for instructions and a screenshot. Continue reading