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What is Star Wars Detours?

George Lucas was on CNN’s Connect the World yesterday. In the video, he mentions, along with The Clone Wars, a TV show called Star Wars Detours. From the transcript:

But there’s a lot of different aspects of it that have been quite amusing and fun to be a part of. Like amusement park rides, and it’s — I really enjoy it. Now, I’m working on television shows, “Clone Wars” and another show called “Star Wars Detours.”

I would lay even money on Detours being the comedy show that Lucasfilm is doing with Seth Green and Matt Senreich, which from what little we’ve heard does sound like it could be something of a detour. But I’m not expecting we’ll get much more anytime soon. OR WILL WE? Hell, it’s probably just a working title. Oh, George!

Lucas also said that after Red Tails he’ll “probably move away” from Star Wars and “do my own personal kinds of movies.” Never heard that one before….

Green and Senreich tease comedy show

Big Shiny Robot caught up with Seth Green and Matt Senreich at The Clone Wars premiere and got a few hints at their upcoming Star Wars comedy show, from “Star Wars without the wars” to “Jon Stewart on steroids mixed with Dave Chapelle.” And then George Lucas shows up.

I am particularly pleased to hear that the new show won’t be taking design cues from The Clone Wars, though.

Green and Senreich talk up Star Wars comedy show

io9 caught up with Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, and got a few todbits on both their Star Wars comedy show and the third Robot Chicken: Star Wars special. Here’s a little more on the timeline:

“It’ll be sketches all over the canon, but there will be a more linear canon… actually from before the first prequel to Return Of The Jedi,” says Green.

Video and more at io9.

Don’t look to Clone Wars for hints at comedy series

Seth Green has dropped a few hints to IGN UK about the comedy show he’s working on with Lucasfilm, including that there won’t be many similarities to The Clone Wars.

He also confirmed that the series will take place during the original trilogy and will focus “on things that are funny about the universe as opposed to the wars themselves.”

Seth Green: Star Wars comedy series CG, not post-ROTJ

“Star Wars in a way you’ve never seen it,” he told MTV. “There are some recognizable characters but it’s a huge universe, so we’re really going where all the comedy is.”

That’s all pretty vague, but we now can put at least one question to death: It won’t be set after Return of the Jedi. But it will be CG animation: Which is fine with me, as long as they go in a different direction with it than Clone Wars!

Post-ROTJ animated show? Hold your horses.

So the internet (or at least what I’ve caught in my box-surrounded haze) has been buzzing about this bit out of Sansweet’s presentation at C2E2, as reported by IGN:

During the Q&A section of the panel, a fan said, “I would really love to see new adventures after Jedi with our favorite characters Luke, Han and Leia,” to which Sansweet replied, “And you will, in the new animation.”

Sansweet told the Forcecast that he’s “in the dark,” but guesses that the comedy show may be “a mix” of the different eras. Stand down, canon savants: For one, it’s too early to tell, and for another IT’S THE COMEDY SHOW. Save your dignity and keep the pearl-clutching in reserve.

As for the comedy show and the ‘Squishies’ rumor, Sansweet did imply there is a connection, but said “How it develops, we don’t know.”

Seth Green: New Star Wars series “isn’t going to suck”

Seth Green and Matthew Senreich | Photo by Bonnie Burton | starwarsblog @ Flickr.comVariety’s article on the new show gives us a few more details on what to expect, including the role of Robot Chicken masterminds Seth Green and Matt Senreich. They’ll be “shaping the type of comedy we’re looking for and the look of the show,” according to producer Jennifer Hill.

It will be neither a sketch show nor a spoof, but character-driven story comedy that may include “crossover appearances from the movie characters.” I’m getting Muppet Babies vibes again (grr, argh) but there’s also this:

But Senreich promised, “We’re on the same page as the fans, because we are fans.” Green concurred: “We’re not talking about Jar-Jar electrocuting his tongue. It’s not that kind of humor. If George (Lucas) would have wanted to make that version of ‘Star Wars,’ he would have hired other people to do it.”

So I guess we’re back to wait and see!

There is a second Star Wars animated series in the works, and it might be a good thing

Robot Chicken Star Wars II: Take Your Daughter to Work Day

I originally had no idea what to think about today’s annoucement of a second animated Star Wars TV series, but cautious optimism seems to be winning out. The involvement of Robot Chicken’s Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, as well as writer Brendan Hay from The Daily Show, is a good sign. But Green and Senreich are “creative involvement,” whatever that will end up meaning. Still, their comments are interesting:

“The Star Wars universe is so dense and rich; it’s crazy to think that there aren’t normal, mundane everyday problems in a world so well-defined,” said Green. “And it’s even crazier to think of what those problems might be, since it’s all set in a galaxy far, far away. What do these characters do when they’re not overthrowing Empires?”

Said Senreich, “We’re going to pull back the curtain of some of those behind-the-scenes shenanigans. It’s going to appeal to all ages, the way Star Wars should — but there’ll be plenty buried under the surface, as well. As Obi-Wan might say, ‘it all depends on your point of view’.”

There’s so much unanswered here as well. What will the animation style be? Will be digital like The Clone Wars? Stop-motion ala Chicken? …In the style of ‘Galactic Heroes’?

I do love the idea of a Robot Chicken: Star Wars-esque series… But I’m too wary of this to get excited just yet. Still, this is a lot better than those Squishie rumors.