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Luceno’s Plagueis manuscript in the hands of Del Rey

You will never watch the opera scene with a straight face again.Erich Schoeneweiss is super-excited about receiving James Luceno’s Darth Plagueis manuscript… So much so that he shared a brief snippet from the front page:

“Darth Bane would appreciate our efforts,” the Sith Master was telling his apprentice…

If things continue shaping up well, Darth Plagueis (the tentative title) will be out in January… And yes, I will cling to that icon until the last hope is gone.

Street date shuffle: Realigning the novels for 2011/2012

We got a number of schedule updates from Sue Rostoni today. There were a few notable delays – Riptide, Shadow Games and (sigh) Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse have all been pushed back a few months. There were also a number of additions: Drew Karpyshyn’s contribution to The Old Republic tie-ins set for October. Looking forward into 2012, Luceno’s Plagueis novel is up for January, and Allston’s new Wraith book for July.

We also got what is perhaps our first conformation that John Jackson Miller’s Lost Tribe of the Sith is set for print. Head on over to our book schedule for all the details.

EUbits: Tenel Ka’s lightsaber, Riptide peek, Legacy cover, John Jackson Miller and more

Fanmade. Check out this version of Tenel Ka’s rancor tooth lightsaber by Heather (@hexterah) who dressed up as the character at DragonCon.)

Riptide. Paul S. Kemp broke out another brief excerpt from his Crosscurrent sequel on Friday.

Comics. Dark Horse has revealed the cover to Legacy: War #2; Writer John Jackson Miller talks Knight Errant at The Sci-Fi Block.

Further reading. EU Cantina has a new column by Chris (@VileZero) and so far he’s addressed the Darth Plagueis novel and upcoming comics as well as some gaming/Clone Wars stuff. Check it out.

Street date shuffle. It was a slow news week, so Random House moving Denning’s Fate of the Jedi: Vortex up a week got a lot of ink. Still months away, but I did update our book schedule.

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New from Sue: Darth Plagueis novel resurrected

You will never watch the opera scene with a straight face again.This morning, NJOE posted about a listing they’d found for a James Luceno Darth Plagueis novel scheduled for 2012. I was doubtful (after all, the book was canceled) but it was brought to the VIP thread, where Sue confirmed that the book has indeed risen from the dead:

Yes, apparently a database has leaked this upcoming hardcover that will follow Palpatine’s rise to power and his Master, Plagueis. “Not Yet Published” should have read: “Not Yet Announced.”

I’m very hesitant about this: I believe that Palpatine’s backstory, like Yoda’s, is one the EU should give a wide berth, and I can’t fathom that it’s possible to do that effectively with story of his Sith Master.

(Of course, given what I really want out of this story, it’s probably for the best that I don’t make these decisions.)

Sue also said this book is not the replacement for Imperial Commando #2 (we might hear more on that next week) and that no more adult Clone Wars novels are planned through the end of the current contract.

Questioning the fiction changes

Sue Rostoni answers some of the questions prompted by the fiction schedule change… including some reasons for the Plagueis novel cancellation.

Also revealed – there may be one or two more e-books, tied to the LOTF series. Please note, oh disturbing literal Star Wars fans, that means it is not set in stone.

Darth Plagueis novel cancelled

Rumors have been swirling around the boards about the fate of Jim Luceno’s Darth Plagueis novel, and now editor Sue Rostoni has confirmed – the book has been canceled. Of course, the real reason for her post is some adjustment in the book release schedule. I’ll be updating the CJ schedule within the next few days. Also note the 2009 dates, including an unknown hardcover.