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Craft-athlon: The puppetmasters!

The Club Jade Craft-athlon judges had some tough decisions with the entries received in the first crafting event – the Paper Bag Puppets. All the submissions were great and when the judges combined their scores, we ended up with a tie for the top Star Wars paper bag puppet!

Congrats to Kitty Lewis for her Jedi Master Kit Fisto paper bag puppet and Tommy Garcia for his Boba Fett puppet complete with jet pack. Rounding out the top five, we had an impressive Boba Fett, a detailed Jabba the Hutt and a cute Salacious Crumb.

But the contest is still any crafter’s game – we’re now judging the second event: Recycled Designs for starships, vehicles, and creatures, but everyone still has time to submit in the final three categories: Food for Thought (food items as art media), Roll Model (toilet paper roll turned into a Star Wars character), and Vader’s Custom Tee (repurpose a Star Wars t-shirt or other apparel item into a new creation). Even if you haven’t submitted yet, you can still enter into any category for a chance to win one of our fabulous prize sets from Del Rey. Get the full details here!

Craft-athlon update: Send us your ship!

All wings report in! We’ve received a handful of entries for Paper Bag Puppet event in the Club Jade Craft-athlon and while we are judging your fine lunch bag creations, we’d like to remind you that tomorrow, March 23, is the deadline for Event #2: ‘Recycled Designs.’ Who can build the best hunk of junk in the galaxy… out of household junk – or recyclable materials? You can! Send us photos of your starship, vehicle or creature craft creation.

Friday is the deadline for Event #3: ‘Food for Thought’, where food items form the main ingredient in this artistic challenge.

Get the full rules and submission guidelines and check out the prizes from Del Rey at our contest page.

Craft-athlon: Get your paper bag puppets in!

Pocketbook by Dianna BatesStill working on your entries for the Club Jade Craft-athlon? We’ve already received a few entries, and we’d like to remind you that the deadlines for some of the events are coming next week! Be sure to get your photos submitted by the deadlines:

  • Paper Bag Puppets – Monday, March 21
  • Recycled Design vehicles, ships and creatures – Wednesday, March 23
  • Food for Thought artwork – Friday, March 25
  • Star Wars Roll Models – Sunday, March 27
  • Vader’s Custom Tee – Tuesday, March 29

To help inspire you in the contest, check out this zippered pocketbook made by Dianna Bates using some vintage Star Wars bedsheets. With a fully lined on the interior, it even has a cell phone pocket on the inside. Thanks to her husband Justin LaSalata for sending pics along. Check out the submission rules, get crafting and keep those contest entries coming!

Discussion: What’s your favorite Star Wars craft?

Hey look! It’s Bonnie!
(Photo by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid)

So, as you may have heard, we’re holding a craft contest. You don’t have to be an expert crafter or even to have experienced the joy of finding glitter in places where glitter should never be to participate. Really!

We’ve featured a whole lot of crafts over the years; Star Wars fandom is rife with the things. So what’s your personal favorite Star Wars craft?

And no, it DOESN’T have to be something you’ve made yourself! Or even something Bonnie made. (Don’t hurt us, Bonnie.)

There’s only one rule: Your choice must be analog. No design, no photo-manips, no computers. It must have been made by human hands at some point! Metal, food and costumes do count, yarn and glitter are optional. Include a link if you can. (Basic HTML works just fine in our comments.)

Start your crafting! The Craft-athlon has begun…

Potholders?!“It’s away!” The Club Jade Craft-athlon has now started. Our craft-making contest has five events to challenge your makery skills. Will you come up with the coolest Star Wars character ever made out of a toilet paper roll? or the finest craft item that utilizes an old Star Wars t-shirt? or turn an old cereal box into a Star Destroyer?

To help celebrate the March 29 release of The Star Wars Craft Book by Bonnie Burton, we’re hosting this no-holds-barred competition of mad making and cunning crafting. Build your craft items, send us the photos, and we’ll award some winners. What can you win? Del Rey is providing some awesome loot, including copies of the new do-it-yourself guide to Star Wars crafts, and the grand prize winner will also get a signed copy of The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.

Get the full scoop on the events, rules, submission guidelines and deadlines at the Club Jade Craft-athlon rules page. And then get busy!

Get your glue and scissors ready…

Break out the googly eyes!…because Club Jade is going to be hosting a craft contest! In anticipation of the release of Bonnie Burton’s The Star Wars Craft Book at the end of this month, Club Jade is having a Craft-athlon to help bring out the inner crafter in you! It will be a multiple event challenge, with the grand prize pack that includes the upcoming craft guide and a signed set of The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, courtesy of our friends at Del Rey.

We’ll have more on the rules and the first Craft-athlon events later this week, but start scrounging your home for random household craft materials – like maybe a paper lunch bag, an old Star Wars shirt, or even a toilet paper tube.

Star Wars at Detroit’s Urban Craft Fair

I headed out to the Detroit Urban Craft Fair this morning… And came across a couple of Star Wars items. Jason Gibner does simple but adorable character paintings. It was Robocop who originally caught our eye, but I bought the Wampa you see above, but he still had a few (including Yoda, Jabba Boba Fett and an Ewok, right) when I left. You can check out the full array on Facebook.

(Irony: I actually blogged about Gibner back in ’07, when his Star Wars pad made the Metro Times’ Motor City Cribs feature.)

The jaunty watercolor Ackbar by Leslie Gauthier also caught my eye. (Have a better look at her blog.)

Of course I forgot my real camera, so apologies for the cruddy iPhone pics. The show is open until 7pm tonight and runs through tomorrow at the Fillmore Detroit (nee The State Theater) downtown. If you’re in the area, I strongly suggest you head out. There’s plenty of art and handmade goods to please everyone!