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Today in The Force Unleashed: Record-breaker!

The big news is The Force Unleashed demo shattering Xbox Live records with more than a million downloads. Count in the Playstation Network and it comes out to 2.3 million. Not too shabby…

Your The Force Unleashed roundup: Catching up with commercials, parties, and concept art

With just a little over a week to go before the September 15th release, you’re going to start seeing commercials… If you haven’t already. The clip above features Vader; Perhaps you might also be interested in a floating Wookiee?

The Force Unleashed: Concept art of the damned

Corpsey, not the ewok.

io9 got themselves a copy of The Art And Making Of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and share the delightful story of the Corpse Droid. Too dark for a Star Wars game, but I would totally be down with a Flash game or something. Come on, StarWars.com! You guys love Flash!

Okay, I kid. Still: Corpsey the droid. Totally inappropriate but so, so awesome in an Evil Dead sort of way.

(How about webisodes? Is Bruce Campbell busy? He can play Starkiller’s uncle! No? I’ll shut up now. Go enjoy the art.)

Preview The Force Unleashed on StarWars.com

With most of The Force Unleashed tie-ins out today, the official site has posted a bonanza of extras:

IMAGE: The Force Unleashed

Also of interest may be io9’s gallery of TFU concept art.

Eye candy: Everyone loves concept art!

You guys clearly love concept art as much as I do – this was one of the weekend’s most read posts and most clicked links. That may be damning with faint praise – posting and hits are both pretty sparse over weekends – but clearly plenty of readers made an impression on io9 because yesterday they had a huge multiple-gallery concept art post featuring some of the hottest visual designers Hollywood has to offer, including Ryan Church, whose work you’re probably already familiar with. I can’t think of a better way to waste your morning on the computer.