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Her Universe hints at Rogue Squadron… tank?

Rogue Squadron tank?Ashley Eckstein posted this photo today of “a new design” that Her Universe is working on.

It seems there’s been quite an outcry for Rogue Squadron items lately… But bear in mind this is only a sketch, so it’s hard to say when, or even if, it ever becomes available.

The addition of ribbing also hints this could be an all-new style. (Maybe a dress?) Her Universe’s tanks currently cost $25, while their only dress (so far) is $28.50.

It’s Cyber Monday, so head to Her Universe

Santa Maul has returned – briefly – to remind you that the Her Universe Cyber Monday merchandise is now available for purchase, even though none of it features his handsome visage.

Santa Maul is sure there are other deals to be had in the vast internet – something about blueprints and other t-shirts – but he has the ennui.

Her Universe gearing up for Cyber Monday with Darth Vader pajamas, new tees

Her Universe has revealed their Cyber Monday exclusives! Above, a set of Darth Vader pajamas featuring artwork from Her Universe favorite Katie Cook. “Everyone knows I love creating designs for Her Universe,” Cook said. “I jumped at the chance to combine two of my favorite things: Star Wars and pajamas.” Tops and bottoms will be sold separately – the tops aren’t on the site yet, but the bottoms go up to 3X.

The Star Wars shirt with Japanese symbols is a new Misses cut that is “is flattering to the female figure” – it’s the same cut as the plus-size Mara shirts from Celebration, and is available in sizes up to 2X. The BSG crew neck sweatshirt might also appeal to those looking for a looser cut – it’s available in sizes up to XL. There are also new Star Trek and two new Doctor Who tees!

Her Universe is producing their first Star Trek jewelery for the holiday – these earrings feature the Vulcan hand sign in the communicator seal. And this year’s holiday pin features Chewbacca and comes in a case signed by Ashley Eckstein. A thousand have been produced and will be going out free with every order while supplies last.

Also free this year? U.S. Ground shipping! All the new Cyber Monday products will go on sale November 26.

Convention tip: Clothes and shoes!

Celebration V: ThursdayWithout the armor this ensemble may be too chilly for indoors! Also, probably inappropriate.

Here’s some advice straight from the CJ list… Yes, con veterns, some of this may be familiar, some of it may not.

James: “Dress in layers! Outside in Orlando is hot and humid (and sometimes even wet), while inside the convention center, some of the panel rooms are super air conditioned (especially first thing in the morning!) If you get cold easily, have a second layer to avoid chills in over-AC’d rooms,especially if you were just sweaty outside.”

I’m one of those people who’s cold everywhere and the Orlando convention center is freezing. And given how few people wanted fans when I was passing them out at CV, it’s not just me. At least bring (or plan to buy) a light sweatshirt.

Nancy: “Two pairs of comfy shoes. Your feet will thank you if you switch shoes every day.”

Make sure they’re already broken in! Some advanced tips:

David: “A little Gold Bond powder in your shoes will help, as will a pair of good work or sport insoles. An old hiking trick is to wear nylon socks next to your foot, with cotton athletic socks over those. It creates a wicking effect that will keep your feet dry and cool.”

Yav: “Plus a few little pieces of pre-cut Moleskin. Just in case you get a blister. The stuff is magic.”

Etsy scavenger: Get your Star Wars dress-up on

Celebration VI is almost 5 weeks away now, and you’ve probably been thinking about it for a while. Still, after watching the chaos of SDCC, it’s hard not to get inspired to up your wardrobe game from mere t-shirts… And for those of us who use sewing machines more as bedside tables than as actual tools, that means heading to Etsy. First up, above, are some great dresses.

Cocktail Hour on The Death Star by Nerd Alert Designs is a Mad Men fabulous 60’s-styled dress in a Darth Vader fabric. It’s available in sizes extra small to extra large and, as a custom order, can take up to three weeks to ship. (There’s also an Ewok/Wookiee dress and a romper in the Vader fabric.) $90.

Go a little more modern with the Star Wars Dress in Blue and White by Tea Time Inc.. This isn’t my favorite of the new fabrics, but it does look fabulous in this cut and I kind of want one. There’s another medium in the shop, but can be ordered custom as well. They also have a Millennium Falcon skirt. $120.

Take things down a notch with this upcycled red and houndstooth Star Wars dress by repurposefulPUNK. Our most casual (and affordable!) option today, it’s made from an old tee and available in sizes extra-small to 2X. (She has a similar dress in >brown and plaid.) Only $64!

We return to more classic lines with the Star Wars Pin Up Apron Cut Dress by BongaChopShop. This is one of the kind and made with vintage fabric – check the listing for measurements! It’s fully lined with pockets, piping trim and adjustable straps. (She also has a high-waisted skirt and corset!) $150.

The Chapter One dress by Cha Designs also features vintage fabric and classic lines. It’s a size 4 and will cost you $185.00.

If you do have a time crunch and absolutely must have something you find on Etsy for Celebration, please be sure to check with the seller to see if the item can be shipped in time!

Monday: Accessories! Yes, even some for you, dudes

Fandom minute: Hooray for the prequels, space crafts, and beards

Obi-wan KenobiI heart prequels: What makes the prequels so great? International House of Geek picks their top ten great things from the Star Wars prequels, from the Jedi Order to the score to battle scenes to Ewan McGregor. Not quite sharing the love (though sharing a few favorites), one of Tor’s bloggers picks five great things from the prequels, and five classic trilogy fizzles. Over at Big Shiny Robot, Bryan makes the case that Episodes I-III are more liked than is generally thought.

The soft side of the Force: Check out these plush Star Wars characters and these crochet granny square TIE Fighters.

This Artoo unit has a sweet motivator: Two times the R2-D2! Check out this remote controlled LEGO Artoo and place an order for a custom knitted R2-D2 sweater.

The planet that it’s farthest from: A war photojournalist visits some of the Star Wars filming sites in Tunisia this summer, and comes across the Mos Espa set, Owens farm, Jawa rock and more.

Making the lists: General Grievous pops up in io9’s list of computer generated characters that actually look cool, Darth Vader is on Total Film’s list of horrible movie bosses (Hey, if your boss chokes you on the job and you die, there’s no workman’s comp claim!). And of course, Jabba the Hutt makes Andrew Liptak’s list of sci-fi gangsters not to mess with.

Who’s scruffy looking? Ewan McGregor’s facial hair in Revenge of the Sith (along with the beards of Harrison Ford, Samuel L. Jackson and Ian McKellan) gets rated on The Men of Whisker Wars Rate Famous Screen Facial Hair.

Giants & Star WarsSpeaking of beards, Sunday is the Star Wars Day at the San Francisco Giants ballgame, where the cool giveaway is a three-sided statue of Brian “Fear the Beard” Wilson in carbonite, a more traditional Han Solo in carbonite and a Giants / Star Wars logo.

And the rest: Red Tails trailer tease, inside Pottermore, Kate Beaton and Twilight

Red Tails. MTV has a new trailer teaser for George Lucas and Anthony Hemingway’s upcoming World War II epic, as well as the first poster.

Harry Potter. Our pal Bryan Young got into Pottermore, and walks us through J.K. Rowling’s multimedia experience.

Comics! The Hairpin interviews Kate Beaton of Hark! A Vagrant, whose historic cartoons entertain history/literature nerds and plebeians alike.

Twilight. Bella’s wedding dress hasn’t even been revealed to the public yet, but the license to manufacture the Carolina Herrera-designed dress has been rewarded to Alfred Angelo, who will release it under the brand ‘Twilight Bridal by Alfred Angelo.’ (Does that mean there’ll be more?!?) The replica dress will be made in sizes 0 to 30W, sure to delight Twilight fans of all sizes.