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The Clone Wars premiere tonight!

StarWars.com has episode guides and preview clips for ‘Ambush’ and ‘Rising Malevolence’. Meanwhile, The Clone Wars web comic launches.

Cartoon Network launches new The Clone Wars site

The Clone Wars mini-site @ Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network has expanded their Clone Wars mini-site. It’s still sparsely populated, but there are character bios (including a new one for Grievous that’s been mildly controversial) and a new commercial/bumper spot. And most important of all, the button to turn off the music actually works!

Also, TFN has some good news for fans in Canada: The series will premiere on the Space Channel on October 10th, at 4pm.

The Clone Wars comes to TV October 3!

Cartoon Network charmingly made us ignore an entire episode of Ben 10: Alien Force first. In brief: Mon Cal Jedi. Grievous. Plo Koon speaks. Lots of Ahsoka. October 3rd at 9:00. Roger roger.

Watching for the trailer on StarWars.com and CartoonNetwork.com (or maybe Yahoo?) but it may not show until morning. On Tuesday. Happy Labor Day! Up now!

Are we getting The Clone Wars trailer tonight?

UPDATE: There is probably a Clone Wars trailer tonight on Cartoon Network at 8:00pm: The channel is teasing something very big for that time, and TCW fits that bill a lot more than TFU. (Big thanks to Mike and Tagne!)

Both TFN and Yoda’s News have reports from Dragon*Con on Steve Sansweet’s presentation. He showed the first episode of The Clone Wars and said that the premiere date should be announced early next week with a “month long promotional series for the launch of the show.” Could said date be October 3rd?

Sansweet also mentioned Celebration 5, but without solid specifics: 2010 is a likely date, with a location in the midwest or eastern U.S, consistent with what we’ve been seeing.

He also showed some new The Force Unleashed clips. Tune into Cartoon Network for a game trailer tonight at 8:00pm. (Or… something else? Whatever: Tune in.)

Cartoon Network: The Clone Wars anchors Friday

IMAGE: George Lucas and Stuart Snyder at Cartoon Network upfronts, from animated-news.com.With a little help from George Lucas and a new clip, the Cartoon Network presented their programing lineup today. The Clone Wars will air Friday nights and be the centerpiece of a new fantasy/adventure block.

Here’s what Lucas had to say about the new series, from USA Today:

“We wanted something more in the realm of anime, design-wise, than was currently on TV or movies outside Japan,” Lucas says. But “we wanted to give the look and feel of something that was past,” adding that Gerry Anderson’s 1960s British Thunderbirds series, featuring talking marionettes, “was an inspiration. We didn’t want it to look like Beowulf or The Incredibles.”

Lucas says that while the show can appeal to viewers ages 8 to 80, it’s primarily targeted at 12-year-olds. As a result, he’s added a new 11-year-old girl, Ahsoka, as a “padawan learner” for Anakin Skywalker to mentor, now that he and Obi-Wan Kenobi are “equal partners.”

The series will air again on TNT, but no specific dates or time yet. (TNT upfronts will be on May 15th.)