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Roundup: J.J. Abrams addresses The Force Awakens’ throwback feel, Roger Guyett on VFX

tfa-rs-kylo-vader-smJ.J. Abrams discusses The Force Awakens with The Hollywood Reporter, including the criticisms that the film is too similar to A New Hope, and why it was important “to go backwards to go forwards.”

Today, Abrams was at TCA for Hulu’s 11.22.63, where he told Entertainment Weekly not to expect an extended edition of The Force Awakens and addressed the lack of Rey toys.

→ At Studio Daily, ILM VFX Supervisor Roger Guyett talks about the film’s visual effects, including the Falcon on Jakku.

The Force Awakens has opened strong in China with a record $33M Saturday opening. Meanwhile, here in the U.S., there’s some real box office competition this weekend thanks to The Revenant. Who wins? Either way, Domhnall Gleeson.

→ Speaking of actors, The Force Awakens has let Harrison Ford reclaim the title of highest grossing actor of all time from fellow Star Wars alumni Samuel L. Jackson.

→ Business Insider profiles Joonas Suotamo, who doubled for Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca.

→ Award watch: John Boyega is a nominee for the BAFTA’s Rising Star award. TFA itself is up for BAFTAs in production design, sound, music and visual effects. The film is also up for a Costume Designers Guild Award.

The Force Awakens dethrones Avatar as domestic box office champ


We knew it was coming, and now it’s nearly official: At some point today, The Force Awakens outearned James Cameron’s Avatar as the high-grossing film in North America. (Official numbers will come tomorrow, but StarWars.com is already thanking fans.)

Avatar made $760.5 million domestically in 2009, but it still remains the global earning champ. The Force Awakens is currently in 4th place there, and while it has an excellent chance of beating out Jurassic World for third, it’ll need to top both Titanic and Avatar to make it to #1.

The Force Awakens continues to smash box office records


The Force Awakens has broken yet more records with an $88.3 million domestic haul for New Year’s weekend, bringing the totals to $740.3M domestic and $1.51 billion globally.

This week it notably beat Avatar as the fastest film to make it to $700M – it took 16 days, as opposed to Avatar‘s 72. The James Cameron film made $760.8M domestic in 2009, and it gets to hang on to being the top-grossing film of all time in North America for (maybe) a day or two. The Force Awakens is currently #6 in all time worldwide grosses.

The Force Awakens blazes past $1B at the box office

TFA on the way to blow up your box office records

The Force Awakens just isn’t slowing down. It took in $153.5 million domestically over Christmas weekend, and worldwide it’s past a billon dollars – the fastest film to ever do so. On Friday, it doubled the previous Christmas Day record, leaving the 2009 Sherlock Holmes in the dust.

For the full list of broken records – at the moment – head over to Entertainment Weekly.

The Force Awakens continues to smash box office records


The Force Awakens has now become the fastest movie to pass the $300 million mark domestically, in addition to breaking records for Monday and Tuesday. It’s earned a total $324M in North America, and $689.4M worldwide through Tuesday. Is any record safe? The film is expected to handily win a second weekend, but it still has a ways to go to beat Avatar as the highest grossing film of all-time. Still, if anyone can do it…

Roundup: The Force Awakens passes Jurassic World’s key opening weekend box office records

jw-tfaThe numbers are in, and The Force Awakens made an astounding $529 million worldwide this weekend, $248 million of it domestically. That takes it past both Jurassic World’s key opening weekend records.

Jurassic World producer Frank Marshall (and husband of Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy) tweeted the traditional congratulation ad, seen at right. Meanwhile the film also continued to rule on social media.

→ Want the nitty-gritty of what the actors made in The Force Awakens? Variety has a report, but beware of spoilers.

→ Video: Phil Tippett and his team on recreating the Millennium Falcon’s Dejarik holochess game.

The Force Awakens is among the ten films making the shortlist for the visual effects Oscar. Five will make the cut. Also on the shortlist are Mad Max: Fury Road, Jurassic World, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant-Man, Ex Machina, The Martian, The Revenant, Tomorrowland and The Walk.

→ Finn’s ID number is a particularly easy-to-miss Easter egg. Also on Buzzfeed: Finn/Poe shippers. Hey, at least it’s not Reylo.

Matt Patches did it. He stayed spoiler-free for The Force Awakens for three whole years. I think he’s nuts, but respect.

→ Also: Mike Ryan on the redemption of Han Solo, Hasbro’s first look at Leia and Maz Kanata figures in a new motion poster, and how will The Force Awakens influence fashion?

The Force Awakens’ $238M wreaks havoc on box office records


The Force Awakens is rounding out the weekend with an unprecedented $238 millon domestic haul. That means the film has handily beat Jurassic World as the biggest opener ever. Worldwide, the film has already made $517 million – that record says with the dinos – but TFA doesn’t open in China until next month.

Variety has a rundown of the broken records.

Today in The Force Awakens: By the (box office) numbers, John Williams on the score

Rey and BB-8 (Rolling Stone)The Force Awakens is heading for a $200 million opening weekend, according to the early estimates. That puts it in sight of Jurassic World’s $208.4M record, something many doubted would be possible due to the usual holiday box office trends.

Disney says that it brought in $57M from the Thursday night previews, with Friday showings likely bringing the total to $100M.

→ John Williams talks about the score with the Los Angeles Times, including what seems to have become the score’s standout, ‘Rey’s Theme’. Meanwhile, you can listen to the full score on several streaming services, including Spotify.

→ Daniel Craig made a cameo after all, according to Entertainment Weekly, though I’m also seeing a lot of skeptical fans due to… Accent reasons.

→ Is there a backlash yet? I guess?

Badass Digest looks at the Resistance, the First Order and the Republic. Y’all may want to pick up Pablo Hidalgo’s Visual Guide to the movie.

→ Speaking of today’s book releases, io9 has a look at some pieces from The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

→ And speaking of books in general, author Chuck Wendig on the movie – and which Aftermath character we saw on screen.

→ Also: Easter egg sightings from EW and Comicbook, Adam Driver on Kylo Ren’s mask, and TFA rules Twitter

The Force Awakens breaks a big record for Fandango


According to Fandango (via Variety) The Force Awakens has moved the most tickets in the site’s history. Not just presales: Total sales of movies like Jurassic World and The Hunger Games. That doesn’t account for the other online ticket-sellers and in-person sales, but it’s still pretty impressive.

Just the other day, we heard (unofficially, but supposedly via a Disney source) that the film has passed the $100M mark in total presales.

The Force Awakens has already opened in several international territories, where it’s already brought in $14.1 million from early screenings. In France alone it took in $5.2 million, their biggest December opening day ever.

Today in The Force Awakens: $100M in presales alone

tfa-bb8-reyThe Force Awakens’ advance ticket sales have passed the $100 million mark in North America, according to The Hollywood Reporter. That’s at least four times as much as the previous record holder, The Dark Knight Rises.

Don’t forget that the reviews – including mine – will come off embargo tonight at 12:01 a.m. PST (3:01 a.m. EST.) Don’t worry too much, we’ve been asked not to reveal spoilers. (There’s always the Force Block browser extension if you’re paranoid.)

→ Official featurette on your new favorite droid, BB-8, and a Force for Change highlight reel.

→ Slightly more women than men have been talking about The Force Awakens on Facebook, and Rey is the character driving the most anticipation for the film, according to a new survey.

→ Oscar Isaac is GQ’s latest cover dude. Meanwhile, in the Miami New Times, he’s interviewed by his brother, Mike Hernandez.

→ Lupita Nyong’o tells Ellen DeGeneres how she didn’t know that she was auditioning for Star Wars.

→ In /Film’s full J.J. Abrams interview, the director talks about developing the film

→ What does comedian Bill Hader have to do with BB-8?

→ You’ll never guess what some of the internet’s most disgruntled Expanded Universe fans are threatening to do now! Oh wait, you totally will, because it’s utterly pointless and deranged. That Force Block thing is looking pretty good about now, yeah?