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The fandom minute: Should George Lucas retire?

George Lucas in Carbonite @ Celebration Japan (Bonnie Burton / StarWars.com)Scrap the Maker? The relaunched Sci-Fi Wire (now in blog form!) has come up with nine reasons for George Lucas to retire already. Cinematical then made a poll out of it, and ‘yes, please’ is winning. Your thoughts? I honestly don’t care all that much as long as he sticks to the prequel/intertrilogy era.

The fandom minute: Google, Simpsons and many lists

There’s a lot of io9 in this one… I probably ought to stop saving them up. Anyway, one of their readers spotted some Star Wars folks on Google Street View. Which isn’t that much of a surprise given that they’re hanging out on Hollywood Blvd., but whatever.

The fandom minute: The dark side of ‘I know;’ Vader vs. Q; Raise your kids on ANH; Cardboard Fett

xkcd: Harrison Ford\'s less-successful ad-libs

The fandom minute: Revenge comic, new KOTOR site, cheap-ass lightsabers, Boba Fett

Flashback: 14-year old Dave Lowe’s Revenge of the Jedi fan comic from 1980. There’s Luke/Leia kissing and sleeveless Vader! (via) In a more professional capacity, he also did some work for a Sci-Fi Channel Star Wars marathon back in 1993.

“I wanted to send Boba Fett to Hell. Instead he had a bad couple days in San Bernardino.”

I'm meeting you halfway, you crazy hippies!The Mando bug has never bitten me, but for those of you into the whole Boba Fett thing (or just want a brief behind-the-scenes look at the 90’s EU) check out this blog entry by Daniel Keys Moran reminiscing about Star Wars, as well as a two-part interview over at bobafett.com. Moran wrote a handful of SW shorts, most notably The Last One Standing, aka the Fett piece from Tales of the Bounty Hunters. (Warning: Some language, bitterness.)

And for the hardcore Fett fans who’ve already seen this all – Moran showed up yesterday in the TFN thread I nabbed the links from. (Thanks, Trip!)