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Rian Johnson posts picture from the Episode VIII set


“Hard to believe we’re wrapping up week four already, it’s just flying by,” Director Rian Johnson said as he shared an Episode VIII set picture on his Tumblr this morning. The pic features cinematographer Steve Yedlin and the Millennium Falcon cockpit.

Meanwhile, there are more detailed rumors on the Dubrovnik shooting – including someone’s stunt double, which is more than a little surprising.

UPDATE: Some (apparent) extras, possibly guards or part of a police force, have been spotted.

Behind the scenes of The Force Awakens with cinematographer Dan Mindel


Dan Mindel, the cinematographer on The Force Awakens, has been sharing behind-the-scenes pictures from the film for the past few weeks on his Instagram. Until we get a documentary (with the Blu-ray?) this may be our best look yet. The above shot from the final duel is probably the most illuminating, but there’s still a lot of great stuff.

Video: New look behind the scenes of The Force Awakens (plus a new character poster)

A new behind the scenes video from The Force Awakens debuted at Comic-Con Brazil. See John Boyega in awe as he sees the Falcon! See Harrison Ford sign a giant action figure! See Oscar Isaac boggle!

Speaking of Oscar Isaac, Poe Dameron finally got a character poster today.

Fantastic The Force Awakens cast portraits from Time

The Force Awakens – or rather, R2-D2 and BB-8 – are on the cover of the Dec. 14, 2015 issue of Time magazine, but they’re not the only ones Marco Grob snapped. Head to Time to check out the photos of (most) of the primary cast, plus J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy.

Meanwhile, Lev Grossman is another writer allowed into the edit bay (and a whole bunch of other places) for his cover story. It gives us an actual line of dialogue.

Today in The Force Awakens: The mother of all prop galleries, Hamill on staying mum

helmetsThere’s a fairly epic gallery of props from The Force Awakens at Wired today. Lots of good stuff for weapons and helmet geeks. And yes, some of them do have very complicated names.

Mark Hamill on keeping secrets. (No, he’s not in mo-cap for Star Wars.)

The Force Awakens has already pulled in more than $50M in advance ticket sales, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Empire has a new Kylo Ren photo (not that different from several of the old Kylo Ren photos) and Adam Driver’s compares the character to a religious fanatic. (It’s Adam Driver’s birthday, by the way. He is 32.)

→ Check out a custom stormtrooper Fiat 500e, on display at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

The Hollywood Reporter on The Force Awakens’ Oscar chances. It’s not that kind of movie, kids, but knock yourselves out, I guess.