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Scholastic’s Rebel Force series bows out in May

StarWars.com offers a first look at Rebel Force: Uprising, but the real news here is that it will be the last book of the series. I remember hearing at one point that the series was planned for ten books, but can’t find any official confirmation. They didn’t quite seem to take off with the fandom, so can’t say I’m too surprised…

EUbits: Rebel Force #5, Bohnhoff on droids, reviews and a Clone Wars comic preview

Rebel Force: The official site gives us our first look at book five of Scholastic’s latest series, Trapped. (Is anyone reading these? I keep forgetting they exist.) It’s due out in January.

Out this week: Carrie Fisher, Rebel Force

Although some got it early, including our own Paula, today is the day you can be sure to find Carrie Fisher’s Wishful Drinking in stores.

Also in the realm of inconsistent/nonexistent street dating, I’ve been seeing reports that the first two Rebel Force books, Target and Hostage, (or is it Uprising?) have been spotted, and sure enough even Diamond is listing them. (No comics, alas.) This is the first juvie series to take a crack at the OT era since way back in the EU bronze age, and at worst we can hope for something far less headache-inducing.