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Clone Wars continues Onderon arc tomorrow with ‘Front Runners’

The action on Onderon continues tomorrow morning with ‘Front Runners’. Look back on last week’s ‘A War on Two Fronts’ as EUCantina’s Andy points out what the episode owes to the Expanded Universe, such as Onderon’s origins in the pages of Tales of the Jedi.

Craving more video? Check out Ashley Eckstein on the evolution of Ahsoka

Upcoming Her Universe for the littlest fans

Not sure if it’s a tee or a onesie, but I’m sure there will be uses found for it. (It’s hard to tell from a phone pic, but in the Facebook comments, Ashley says it’s a light purple.)

Get taken to the Maul with The Clone Wars season finale!

Attention TK-Mart shoppers, there’s a special on Star Wars: The Clone Wars this Friday: the first part of the two-part season finale featuring the return of the warrior who’s half Sith Lord.. and half not, Darth Maul. Stock up now on the following voice actor goodies as you prepare for the end of season four:

And remember, when shopping at the Darth Mall, all prices have been slashed in half!

The Death Watch returns to The Clone Wars with ‘A Friend in Need’

The Mandalorian Death Watch returns in ‘A Friend in Need,’ tonight’s episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. As mentioned all the way back around Comic-Con last year, Katee Sackhoff will be voicing one of the Mandos, Boca Raton Bo-Katan. Jon Favreau returns to his role voicing Pre Viszla. The episode will focus mostly on Ahsoka coming to the aid of her Separatist friend, Lux Bonteri, who has gotten himself in over his head with Count Dooku, as shown in the second clip, below.

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Poll: What do you think of Ahsoka’s new look?

New character models for Ahsoka and Anakin debuted in Friday’s ‘Heroes on Both Sides.’ (We’ve been told that Obi-Wan also got one, but he hasn’t appeared yet beyond the promo.) But the guy’s outfits really aren’t what anyone has been talking about…. Now that you’ve seen her in motion, what are your thoughts on Ahsoka’s makeover? Answer on the sidebar or beneath the cut. Continue reading