EUbits: Mercy Kill in drips and dabbles

Excerpts. It’s easy to miss, but if you head over to the Random House page for X-Wing: Mercy Kill, there are 32 pages from the book available. (Click on the cover.) It includes the dramatis personae that caused such a furor when the ARCs went out as well as the first pages of 22 chapters. Weird, yes? (via)

The blogside. Joysweeper at Scans Daily takes a look at Luke Skywalker’s worst comic outfits. She’s not kidding; there’s a mesh shirt. Oh, Marvel. Also: An interview with costumer Victoria Schmidt; convention tall tales; and a review of Coruscant Nights I: Jedi Twilight.

Upcoming. Rebelscum has covers and summaries for two upcoming comic collections – Dawn Of The Jedi: Force Storm and new Clone Wars omnibus, The Republic Falls – as well as the next arc of Agent Of The Empire.

Awards. Tom Taylor’s Blood Ties has won the The Stan Lee Excelsior Award, which encourages kids to read comics and graphic novels.

Behind the scenes. The Young to Publishing Group has four keys to success in licensed publishing, which features several familiar names.

Endnotes. I’ve run out of things to say about the things, so just let it be known that Jason Fry has posted part 14 and part 15 of his guide to everything Essential Guide to Warfare.

12 thoughts on “EUbits: Mercy Kill in drips and dabbles

  1. Dunc

    Indeed. EUbits is a collection of small news bits collected over a (variable) period of time. The last time I did one, 14 wasn’t out yet, so it goes in this one.

  2. Paula

    The convention tall tales is hilarious. I imagine it can get hard to deal with after a couple of hours.

    And apparently I’m the only person who gets annoyed by the posted excerpts? I want to wait until I get the actual book to enjoy it.

  3. Doyle

    Paula, you’re not alone on the previews and excerpts. Between Shadow Games and Mercy Kill, DelRey has been going a little overboard on the way that they’re putting these things out. I mean, thirty-two separate and largely unconnected pages? Other than showing that the book is longer than a single paragraph, I’m not sure what this model accomplishes.

  4. Paula

    Is it more of a, “Ooo. This part is good. Maybe they’ll want to buy it now?”

    I want to be able to read it ALL. I can’t imagine that many excerpts would do much to convince the reluctant buyer to buy.

  5. kataja

    OMG – I never realized just HOW bad Luke’s dressing! Either he fails to look to the Force for guidance – or the Force has a very bad fashion sense too! In contrast, they artists have allowed him a very nice chest and biceps…

  6. Bardan Jussik

    There is no comparison to the horror of that Gradient Turtleneck or the mesh vest in the comics.

    Well maybe a gradient mesh turtleneck…

  7. Dunc

    Random Comments: No problem. I added 15 since it came out fairly early the same day this went up. If it had been posted the next day, I’d have saved it for the next EUbits.

  8. Random Comments

    I didn’t see that.

    I haven’t been on here much, so I didn’t realize what you were doing here. I probably should have realized that myself. I happened to be looking for part 15 at the same time that I saw this.

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