5 thoughts on “Video: What if Yoda spoke normally?

  1. Chris

    He actually sounds better like this in the prequels. Yoda’s speech patterns were grossly over-exaggerated in Ep 1-3.

  2. Aaron

    @ Chris: Ack!
    But I’m sure there’ll be a short story one day that will explain how Yoda improved his style and where he’s hanging out on Dagobah, waiting for Luke, and studying for his grammar exam. Would be great for James “Hey, here’s a word nobody ever uses anymore, let’s bring it” Luceno…

  3. Kizzik

    he sounds better in the prequels but when you get to the original trilogy the dialog doesn’t seem so interesting or mystical in any way.

  4. Carla Lute

    Agreed Chris. I can understand his speech being a little odd after 20 years on his lonesome, but in the middle of the Republic center, you’d think he’d make more effort.

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