Etsy scavenger: Candy lightsabers!

You can get 20 cute candy lightsabers for $14 from the A Little of This & A Little of That shop on Etsy. (via)

3 thoughts on “Etsy scavenger: Candy lightsabers!

  1. Annalee


    Sorry for the caps.

    Except I’m not actually because you have brought a magnificent thing into my life.

    (Candy with Star Wars branding. I collect it. Well, I collect the wrappers; I eat the candy. That’s probably weird, but as weird things go it’s pretty delicious).

  2. Blu

    That’s way better than the rather unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) shaped official lightsaber candy that came out a few years ago. Or the scary Jar-Jar tongue candy.

  3. DeathStar

    These are pretty awesome! Very detailed. I am totally going to buy some for my desk. It is great to see some amazing fan based “art” available for the masses. As Blu said, sometimes the official stuff is a bust…….

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