Save big on the complete Star Wars saga

The price of the box set has been lowered to $79.99 on Amazon!

7 thoughts on “Save big on the complete Star Wars saga

  1. MattDoc

    That, and the prices at the big-box retailers are leaking/being released and they are all at $79.99. This is why I didn’t do the pre-order. Figured the retailers would have a good price and also usually include some kind of freebie exclusive thing.

  2. Jason Ward

    Some people that pre-ordered really early are finding their shipping date is the original target date of the 27th. So make sure your order has the right ship time. If it doesn’t, don’t cancel, just send them an email and they’ll fix it.

  3. Dunc

    I pre-ordered mine today, standard super saver shipping… It’ll come when it comes. I’m just putting off getting a Blu-Ray player, really.

  4. Emily

    The lower price is honestly the only reason I decided to pre-order. Before that, I just figured I’d buy it when I buy it. Only really looking forward to the bonus features anyway.

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