Savage Oppress arc begins on The Clone Wars

Tonight’s ‘Nightsisters’ is the first of the Katie Lucas-penned Savage Oppress trilogy. (The character is voiced by Clancy Brown, who was interviewed by TV Guide.)

Check out another clip from the episode – and comments from Dave Filoni – at Big Shiny Robot.

And don’t forget that the show has a new time slot: 8:30pm.

UPDATE: An interview with Katie on CNN.

3 thoughts on “Savage Oppress arc begins on The Clone Wars

  1. Jason Ward

    I say about two rows directly in front of him. I was very excited to have a Highlander behind me. Then Dave came out and announced he was playing Savage. Immediately I thought it would be a rad throwback to have him kill Captain Panaka.

  2. Josh

    It’s weird that they talk about Clancy Brown becoming part of the Star Wars universe while forgetting that he already is – he played Jango Fett’s nemesis Montross in the video game Bounty Hunter.

    I know it’s an obscure game, but Brown gave a great performace (there’s also some funny ‘outtakes’, including one where Montross complains about being too old to play Anakin once they started filming the prequels).

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