Those aren’t droids

Ewan McGregor seems determined to sprinkle more family fare into his acting resume.

The first trailer for his upcoming animated adventure Robots has been released.

His neutral American accent keeps getting better and better! But watch out for him to be overshadowed by Robin Williams. Looks amusing, though!

2 thoughts on “Those aren’t droids

  1. Kelly

    He has a kid, right? I saw Will Smith on the Today Show talking about Shark Tale and he said “You can tell which celebrities have young kids by who’s doing the animation voices.” :)

  2. Paula

    Ewan? He has two girls. One’s around 8-ish, by now. The other’s probably a toddler.

    He has said he wanted to do more that they could actually see. Daddy isn’t known for picking family films. ::smirk::

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