It’s about The Clone Wars, silly

Really, io9? Really? Is there so little actual news in the entire world of science fiction and fantasy today that you had to dig up some news from December and try to spin it to be about the live-action series? Really? Here’s a hint: It isn’t.

On the other hand, thanks for the laugh. I needed that.

6 thoughts on “It’s about The Clone Wars, silly

  1. Pabawan

    “We can only assume that Traviss was planning to base her portrayal of Boba Fett on the canon already established in the six movies.”


  2. Christian

    I am amazed to read so much nonsense in one single article on!

    They should just delete it…

  3. Dunc

    Nah, this is a Gawker blog: If they delete it, they’ll just lose pageviews.

    I do wonder if they’ve received a tersely worded letter from Traviss and/or her lawyers yet, though. ;)

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